Top 3 Round-up: Flags, Relationship And Sex

Flags of the Rainbow

As one flag is hoisted another will come down. Cheers all around for both events.

At the end of June, the United States Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage was met with cheers across the US. Watch:

A week later, the “What next question” for the LGBT community has taken the place of the flags, and articles such as this one by Samantha Allen in the Daily Beast is receiving attention:

“For decades, same-sex marriage has been something of an idée fixe for the LGBT political mainstream—no other issue reached the same level of awareness nor inspired quite so much spending. But to quote a song that was more popular back in 1970 when a Minnesota county clerk rejected the marriage license application of two gay men and put this judicial battle into motion: “It’s all over now, baby blue.” So, where to from here?”

Down Comes The Confederate Flag

While the LGBT community ponders that question, the Governor of South Carolina this week said that the Confederate flag comes down today.

“Compelled to act by the slaughter of nine African-Americans at a church Bible study, Gov. Nikki Haley praised lawmakers for acknowledging that the long-celebrated symbol is too painful and divisive to keep promoting.

‘The Confederate flag is coming off the grounds of the South Carolina Statehouse’, Haley said before signing the bill. ‘We will bring it down with dignity and we will make sure it is stored in its rightful place’.”

There might not be any historical connection between these two flags but most certainly the emotional ties of bias, discrimination, and yes identity are very clear. Many will be sorry to see the Confederate flag down, others are sorry to see the Rainbow flag flying even higher.

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Red And White Flags

As the debate raged and the questions were posed throughout this week, our attention here went to the emotional and relationship pointers in our lives.

Sexual wellness, the start and ending of relationships and the uncertainties for children and teenagers in the midst of both were our focus this week. Betwixt, we kept the love light burning with our short story series. If you missed any of our posts this week, here are some quick links for you to our most read and popular pieces of this week. Check them out, leave comments at the end of each one that you find interesting and do share:
Fake It ‘Till You Make It, But Never These 4 Ways (published Monday, July 6)

That is sound advice, especially for those of us or those moments when we lack the natural chutzpah to do something that needs doing. “Fake It Till You Make It,” is advice that I am sure you have heard or you might have given. I most certainly have been told to fake it but, in my Jamaican upbringing and into adulthood, it was less delicate and more of a swift kick through the door of opportunity….Read here.

Tuesday Wellness: Relationship, Strippers & Women’s Pay (published Tuesday, July 7)
For the life of me sometimes I simply do not understand how men think! Check out this article on Return of Kings basically promoting female domination. On Tuesdays, attention is focussed here on wellness: what it means to be “well”, the various aspects of it and how to get and stay well. Today, as we explore the connection between sexuality and wellness, relationship is a necessary side topic…Read here.

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A Guide To Sexual Wellness: On Becoming Human (published Tuesday, July 7)
Sex and sexuality are taboo subjects in many sections of our societies. It most certainly is not in this corner as well as websites like Sexual wellness is a matter that was not discussed in my house although my mother was quite forwarding thinking on the subject. If my memory serves me correctly, one of my birthday gifts, when I turned seven years old, was a copy of the book, “On Becoming A Woman.”…Read here.

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