Top 3 Wellness Concerns For Mothers

Wellness And Your Circle

Circles of influence and your wellness, that is where our spotlight is targeted today. Psychologists, sociologists, and other such learned folks have done the research and for some time now they have reported to us that those in our lives who actively influence our thoughts, choices, and behavior affect our wellness.

Some researchers this year announced that they will be taking their investigation further and have developed a smartphone app and wearable monitoring technology that will measure, over a four-year period, the relationship between social networks and a person’s physical activity and sleeping pattern. As the University of Notre Dame researchers seek out hard results to the questions whether “physical activity is a factor in how friendships are formed and do social circles influence a person’s health and fitness choices,” the observations of mere mortals like me show that social circles contribute to a varying degree to your emotional health.

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Top Wellness News For Mothers And Young Women

Once a Mother, always A Mother
Once a Mother, always A Mother

Alongside visiting health news websites like The Nuherald, which has a variety of different health-related news stories that may relate to your own personal life, here is a further list of other interesting news on the topic of wellness that I found this morning that have caught my attention. They are notable for multiple reasons, so please check them out and leave your comment below on the ones that you have a question about or have some further information to share.

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1. The Most Common Health Fear Of Women In Their 20’sHuffington Post

“When we informally surveyed 20-something women about their health worries, many responded that infertility was chief among their concerns. Safeguarding fertility is very important and worthy of consideration: Approximately 11 percent of women will experience problems trying to get pregnant or carrying a baby, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

2. Maternity Leave Discrimination: Five Women Tell Their StoriesThe Guardian

“Each year 54,000 women face bullying or betrayal when they return to work from maternity leave. The Pregnant Then Screwed campaign gives women a place to share their stories anonymously.”

3. Wellness Tips For Back-To-SchoolSt. George News

“During the hot days of summer, the last thing we’re thinking about is the fact that school will be starting in just a few short weeks. However, now is the perfect time to start preparing for that school bell to ring. Along with shopping, haircuts and pictures, here are five back-to-school tips to help kids prepare for the classroom and give them a foundation of good health.”

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