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Back In The Day Parenting

friendsDo you remember a time when your parents’ eyes seemed as if they were everywhere? They never missed a beat, a step you took or a crush that you had?

When mothers or fathers were at work or were not around for whatever reasons, no problem! There was an entire ‘village’ of watchers. In the country of my birth, these people were not mere watchers. They were “scolders’ and butt-whippers! A kid had very little chances of going truly wild around parents and their deputies.

Well, those are the throwback years, past, long gone!

Distracted Parenting

Thursdays are becoming our parenting day on this blog and today the distracted parent is up for discussion.

Back in the 1970’s when some of us were children, technology was not as widely available, accessible, affordable or attention-grabbing. The most advanced technology in my childhood home, when I was 5 years old, was the pressure cooker. My mother was in love with that thing as she could make her specialities in no time and keep up her reputation as a great cook of tender curried goat and oxtails.

The sound that it made was a bit distracting but nothing near to modern-day technology – one in particular – that has many parents eyes and ears glued to them.


Distracted Parents Buy Distracting Gifts

Thank heavens I am just the grandmother and so my level of distraction does not really matter. However, as a village butt-whipper I would fail miserably with my involvement on social media. My smartphone, Tablet, laptops and other distractions are never more than an inch away from me.

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More and more people are parenting distracted, and the result is clear in schools, colleges, public places – everywhere where children and teenagers gather. As parental distraction is on the rise – and this is not a commentary whether it is good or bad – they buy distractions for their children to keep them occupied.

Ironic, yes?

Linnea Anderson of the WYPR has a very interesting feature on this very matter. She writes:

“Distracted driving gets a lot of press. But what about distracted parenting? Learn what the impact can be on young children when mom or dad are distracted by smart phones, tablets and computers.”

Have a listen to her piece and share your comments below on a growing concern and quite frankly, a new way of being in our world.

Cell Phone Parenting

Another way of describing this new brand of parenting is “Cell Phone Parenting.”

With our busy lives, for some this includes having two even three jobs to make ends meet, many parents are giving their children cell phones earlier than ever. While this is obviously a great way to keep in touch, check their movements, and make sure of their safety there are many questions as parents that you have to answer:

  1. When is the right time to give your child a cell phone?
  2. What type of cell phone?
  3. Should the plan include texting? If yes, how much?
  4. What apps are age-appropriate?
  5. Privacy settings and tracking – yes, no or how much?

These are just some of the many questions parent have to ask as they consider or review their decision about giving their child a cell phone. What other can you think of?

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The Other “D” Word

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