The Unfortunate Life of An Interesting Woman – Part V

The New Angle

Ginny had spent the rest of the evening retyping her pieces with her mother’s edits and she was truly amazed at how well they had turned out.

The next morning, before her father left for work, Ginny thrust the pile of papers in front of him. With a chuckle, he grabbed them and began reading. His face changed as he read. He always loved reading Ginny’s work, but the articles he was reading now were much deeper and had more clarity than ever. The struggle that Ginny faced as a woman in their society leap from the page in such an emotive and expressive way that tears came to Ginny’s father’s eyes.

After he finished reading, he took a moment to calm himself. He had known that Ginny would face some hardship with her dreams, but he really had no idea how much she faced even in the day to day life. He stood up and hugged her tight. He gave her a kiss on the forehead then walked over to his wife.

“My dear, I hope that I have never made you feel anything like what is in Ginny’s articles,” he said kissing his wife’s hands.

She shook her head with a sweet smile and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Before he left for work, he looked back at his eldest daughter and his wife with new-found appreciation. When he left, Ginny and her mother started talking about the articles and said goodbye to her younger sister as she was leaving for school.

Ginny decided that she would go around town and see if she could find something to write about that was more newsy. She got ready and pulled on her favorite frock. Just as she reached for the door handle, the phone rang.

“Ginny!” she heard her mother yell. She turned to see her mother with her hand over the phone and a wild look. “Ginny it’s a Mr. Watson for you,” she whispered.

How strange! Ginny had never expected to hear from that Newspaper Editor again. She walked over and picked up the phone.

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“Ginny here,” she said curiously.

The Offer In Disguise

“Ginny, yes good… uh… I found an article on my desk that didn’t have a name on it. At first I thought it was one of my writers that was too lazy to put their article in my bin so I read it. Then I found your name on it,” he said slowly. He paused as if he was expecting Ginny to say something, but she remained quiet.

“Well, I was wondering if I could run it in the next edition,” he asked quietly. Ginny’s jaw dropped.

“You liked it?!” she exclaimed.

“Well, I didn’t want to admit it but kid, you’re better at this than most of the guys on my staff,” he said in a defeated voice.

Ginny laughed and clutched the phone.

“I was also wondering if you had any more articles for me to read?”

“Oh my! Yes, I have quite a few actually,” she replied thinking of all of her pieces. She wondered how he would react reading her newest stuff.

“That’s great sweetheart, just pop on by anytime today and I will look them over. If they are as good as the first, we will put them in. Oh and start thinking of your Pseudonym,” he said.

“My… A pseudonym?” she asked confused.

“Yeah, we need you to pick a fake name to run with the articles,” he explained.

“Why?” she asked.

“Come on doll face, you’re a smart cookie. Just because I can see that a lady is talented at writing doesn’t mean other men will. No one will read your work if we put your name on it,” he said.

“Oh, gotta rush,” he said then hung up.

And We Meet Again…

Ginny was once again shocked and angered by this man. She could tell that this journey was going to be one of great annoyance. But if she was going to make any progress, she will need to push through these awful demands. She was definitely bringing her newest articles for Mr. Watson to read. She prayed that maybe it would knock some sense into him.

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She grabbed the new articles and some of her older pieces and marched out the door. She would tell her mom about it all later. Ginny was in a dark cloud of anger but was desperately trying to get out of it before she walked into the newsroom. About halfway there she heard her name being called from across the street.

couplewalking“Ginny! Ginny!” said a familiar voice. She turned to see the handsome man she had danced with at the Cat Club.

“William! Hello!” she waved. He crossed the street to meet her with a big smile.

“Where are you headed? I will walk with you,” he offered.

“I am heading to the Newspaper,” she replied with a smile. He looked at her arms which held a collection of papers.

“Ahhh, still on the quest for an interesting life?” he teased.

“Yes and I won’t stop until I have one,” she laughed.

“Well, if I might, may I make your Friday evening interesting? I was thinking dinner and dancing?” he asked charmingly. Ginny nodded happily.

“Great, I’ll pick you up at 7 o’clock.”

With that, he left her to walk the rest of the way. She marched along with her head held high. There was no way she was going to use a pseudonym and if Mr. Watson wanted her talent, he would have to agree…. (To Be Continued)

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