The #1 Relationship Advice You Could Hear

The Low Down on Relationships

You must have been told this so many times, we most certainly have repeated it here a bit since Motivational Monday:

Relationships are hard!

There are even pictures and stories about the challenges of relationships in the animal kingdom, showing us that the difficulties of interacting with another is not a human phenomenon. “Relationships are hard work,” reads the caption on one of the pictures featured on Pitbull, “whether it’s about money, jealousy or just that you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, being part of a couple isn’t always sunshine and lollipops…” With this being said, it is not impossible to find the right person, otherwise, everyone in the world would be single. From online dating, meeting a friend of a friend, going speed dating or even checking out sites like to try and find out what traits you could be looking for from a partner, there is hope for us all. It just takes time and sadly, for some of us, it does not always end well.

Having had and grown through my fair share of relationships, there is one advice that I finally learned to take very seriously. It is one that not everyone dispenses, especially when they are married since forever and believe that each of us has a “better half.”

Actually, that is the biggest hogwash that I have ever been told – to find your better half, meaning there is someone out there who, when you meet him or her, will make you better.

Today, we are winding down this relationship focus and later this morning I will post my article, “You Win Some Or You Learn 3 Life Lessons.” Subscribe and get updates when that and all of our articles posts here. We aim to always be “Insightful, In-depth and Inspirational,” with our stories and the content that we share.

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The Second Best Relationship Advice

We also try to find the humour in life and so, when this relationship article popped up on my screen the laughter from my apartment was so loud that my neighbours almost called the cops.

There are two things I know. Well more than two but when it comes to relationships and having a quality one, there are two absolutes. The first one is this: You must be comfortable with poop.

This article on the important ingredient in any happy home – poop – hits the nail exactly on the head! Read it here but essentially it provides a poop-guide for your relationship. “The 11 Stages of Every Relationship, Explained By Pooping Habits” is so on point! I recall during my longest relationship, we went through a few of these stages, most certainly the:

  1. You Don’t Talk About Poop Stage
  2. You Acknowledge That Poop Exists
  3. You Acknowledge That Each Other Poops

It took us a long time, maybe a year or so, for us to get to Stages Four and Five: Pooping Around Each Other & Talking While Pooping. We flushed the relationships before we got to Stage 10 and obviously Stage 11. What I now know is that I will be using this guide to measure the depth and breadth of my next relationship! As I said, do read and share with your friends so that they have a most accurate measuring scoop. [tweetthis]Measure your relationship in poops.[/tweetthis]

#1 Relationship Advice

Now, for the last and the best relationship advice you could ever get, listen to and live.

My guests, The Martins, on Monday, said it and on Wednesday, Richard repeated it. Whether you are single and thinking about getting into a relationship or you are still in recovery from a breakup, the single most important thing to do is:

For a few years now that is what I have done – doing the relationship dance with myself. There have been attractions and temporary embraces if the truth is told, but my last “relationship” ended in 2013. What I been doing since is learning the deeper intricacies of myself, what really makes me tick, what excites me and what truly drives me. It has helped me to know what I want in a partner and what kind of partner I want to be when the time comes again. Until then, I’m enjoying having some fun and testing the waters! Products like True Pheromones are helpful when it comes to being out searching for love as it just helps to get those sparks flying. Much time has been spent in reflection, none on regretting anything in my past or any relationship that I have ever had. Some decide to use porn to explore deeper parts of themselves and their partner as a catalyst. I hear twinki lets you stream twink xxx videos for free and that works for some but not for everyone.

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Instead, I have sought to pick the best of every connection and packaged them into the portrait of the next person that I am willing to be with. Well, that person is actually me, so it is really my match, not my better half that will dance with me next.

This is the best advice you could take. Prince Ea presents it in easy to understand language and terms, I am sharing my personal experience with the concept. If you need help painting your own picture of your match, leave a comment below, Subscribe to this blog, sign-up for my courses as they come up and visit me on Facebook where you can always send me a message.

Together, between you, the Contributors to this blog and I, we will walk this windy but delicious relationship road.

Be blessed and leave the bitterness to the spirit-blind.

Have a great day.

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8 thoughts on “The #1 Relationship Advice You Could Hear

  1. eliz frank

    Relationships bring out the best and worst in us so, we need to learn to compromise and love who we already are… I hear you! 🙂

    1. Ms Claudette

      Absolutely agree with you! Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  2. Relationships are definitely interesting. I read the article about pooping. Too funny!!

    1. Ms Claudette

      Was it not? I laughed so hard reading it! I’m so glad that you liked it as well! Namaste

  3. dltolley

    I totally agree that you have to love yourself before you can form a healthy relationship with someone else. But I also think that there are others who do bring out the best in you. And some who bring out the worst.

    1. Ms Claudette

      Yes, there are and I would add that for me it has been important to know who I need to cover my buttons from so they don’t push on them at all, too much or too frequently! LOL

  4. Great advice for those entering a new relationship or even those in a long term one.

    1. Ms Claudette

      Thank you! I am glad that you liked it!

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