TGIF Round-Up: End of Time or Cause To Celebrate?

End Times News???

July starts out with fireworks and parades here in Canada and then in the United States of America.

Canada celebrated her 148th birthday on July 1 and the United States will be celebrating her 239th since the Declaration of Independence on July 4.

Many in North America celebrated the changing of the seasons, in more ways than one, in June. They welcomed the start of the celebratory month of July with much joyful expectations for a good summer and a “more-equal” society.

That was how many started the celebrations, not all. Certainly not this pastor who saw certain “prophesies” in world happenings in June. He called them end time events:

As The World Continues…

Well, here is my pick of stories related to three of these “End of Time” events. Read and share your comments with me.

  1. Pope Francis Encyclical on Climate Change –  Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Message To People Who Think Pope Francis Shouldn’t Talk About Climate Change
  2. US Supreme Court Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage – Darnell L. Moore’s,  black gay man’s response to the ruling.
  3. Iran Nuclear Deal – A Hall of Mirrors but it is a good as it gets, according to one Jewish thought leader, J.J. Goldberg. Read here.

The world continued until today – Friday – even after the Pope spoke out of turn – in the view of many – on the environment, gay people got the legal right to marry in the United States and even while there is still no nuclear deal with Iran.

In Our World

While some awaited the end of time, around here, we:

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This was after spending Sunday with Shabani, the sexy gorilla, savouring curried chicken.

What today holds only heaven knows and we, hopefully, will be around to share it with you tomorrow Saturday – if the world does not end!

Have a great TGIF evening! Do catch up on your reading over the weekend, starting with Part III of our short story – “The Unfortunate Life of an Interesting Woman.”

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