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We do news around here but not the salacious, horror stories that many blogs, sites and of course mainstream news media thrive on. Look on my cover page on Facebook or the sub-title of this blog and you will see “One Woman Inspiring Others.” While it might make me some money to have a blog that highlights the pain and suffering in our world or the scandals, that is not why my body automatically comes alive and ready to go most mornings at 4:00 or 5:00.

“Insightful, In-depth and Inspirational,” are the other words that more recently have been added to the description of this blog. As a student and proponent of Love – which is my religion – those are the goals of this blog:

  1. To dig deeper, go beyond, check every corner of issues, stories, and human existence
  2. To present ideas and new ways of being and to invite our readers to think for themselves about everyday topics and circumstances of their lives
  3. To encourage, support and inspire women and those who love them to gradually, slowly even step into the life that they have held and restricted in their hearts

This Week’s News

This Week's News
In The News

Does that mean we are oblivious to “the realities” of our world? No. What it means is that we will not get stuck on the hype, whether of a conservative, liberal, religious or spiritual nature. So, as we Roundup this week did we not see, read, notice some of the stories “making the news?”

Did we not notice the conditions, the challenges, the confrontations across the world? Most certainly. What I did not do is to focus on them and get sidetracked, coaxed away from my knowing that there is another way to live. That is what we invite you to do with us – focus on what brings you peace, joy and a deeper sense of gratitude for what you have and what is to come.

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Here are some of the stories, without commentary, that came across my radar this week:

As you can see, not all of them was gloom, doom or scandalous. Well, for some, Jamaica’s win and moving on to the Gold Cup finals might have been gloomy, ‘doomy’ and a scandal!

Our ‘Coverage’ of Relationships

What Love Has To Do With It?

For the rest of the week, we chose to focus on relationships – intimate relationships, as the above headline stories do have something to do with relationships. They cover the continued deteriorating one between police officers and those they vowed to serve; the suspicions, contentions and scandals between politicians and the public that they too were elected to serve and the competitive yet friendly relationships that countries and teams have through sports.

We began the week with an interview with my friends and radio talk show hosts, Beverly and Noel Martin, who shared their love and their life with us. They also suggested three important questions you need to ask if you are single and thinking about entering a new relationship. If you missed it, catch up here.

On Wednesday, Richard Turner took us through the challenges that men do face with trust issues when a relationship ends. In his article on whether “Men Find It Hard To Trust After A Breakup,” Richard debunked the idea that some people, namely women, have that guys are heartless and ruthless, moving on to the next target once their relationship ends. Check it out here and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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Closing out the week, I shared my thoughts about winning and losing:

Growing up most of us heard a different ending to that fabulous quote and title of a book written by Dr. John Maxwell. We were told sometimes you lose. Looking over my life, I have to say that it was wrong for adults to have told me that. They actually tried and succeeded to some extent to turn me into a coward – afraid to make mistakes, scared to take a chance.

Several persons have commented on this post, agreeing with the basic principle that there really is no true loss in life – just learning.

Our team of Contributors has grown and each one brings to this blog their unique style, perspective, and experience.

Newest Contributor - Katelyn Roth
Newest Contributor – Katelyn Roth

The latest was Katelyn Roth who joined us on Wednesday with the most interesting and insightful perspective on an age-old mental health diagnosis – Female Hysteria. Read her article here and share whether you have heard of this before. As well, did you know that we had Freud to thank for the self-help aid that arose out of this diagnosis?

That is it for today. Do enjoy the rest of your Friday. If you have any questions for me or would like me to share my thoughts on just about any topic, do leave a comment:  




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