Motivational Monday Happiness Report

Photo: Desert News
Photo: Desert News

Happiest Countries In The World

The World Happiness Report is out and I am pleased, very happy and overjoyed to say that I am living in of the six happiest countries in the world – Canada.

“In the report, ‘happiness’ is the term researchers use to refer to subjective well-being, which is influenced by factors like physical health, financial security and social support systems. Well-being was measured through an individual assessment of quality of life: participants were asked to evaluate their lives on a scale from zero (worst possible life) to 10.”  (Source: Desert News)

Before you say “whatever, big deal,” to this, bear in mind that more governments and local authorities are using data such as this to help decide on and guide national policies.  According to the article, “Germany, South Korea and Great Britain, as well as communities like Santa Monica, California, are investing financial and political resources into the search for a more satisfied population.”

The United States was number 15 on this list, food for thought folks, and Switzerland ranked as the world’s most happy country. Read the full article here and share your thoughts with me – should this be a more widely used indicator by governments around the world – after all, it is we the people they serve. If Mama ain’t happy no one is!

Taller & Fatter Chinese?

Speaking of happiness, which also goes hand in hand with prosperity, Chinese are growing – taller and wider!

That country is not among the top 15 happiest countries in the world, but the people are nevertheless doing okay for themselves – well some of them. It is showing in their waistlines!

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News out of Beijing is:

“Chinese people are growing taller as the country becomes richer but they are getting fatter even faster, the government said. Adult obesity rates reached 9.6 percent in 2012, more than doubling over a decade, the National Health and Family Planning Commission said in a report on national nutrition and chronic diseases.Those who were overweight went from 7.1 percent to 11.9 percent.” (The Inquirer)

Although they may never catch up with the Dutch, reportedly the tallest people in the world, the Chinese are experiencing what many around the world are when it comes to having more resources and eating super-sized meals. Apparently children and teenagers are among the most affected which really is not surprising if they are eating and watching television or leading a more sedated lifestyle. “A report published in The Lancet last year showed that 363,000 fatalities in China each year were linked to high body-mass index, an indicator for heart disease, diabetes and other ailments.”

Read the full article here and if you were the chief medical officer in China, want would your strategy be to curb the waistline of your country people? Leave a comment below with your free advice.

Fake It ‘Till You Make It

Later this morning, I will share with my list of four things you should NEVER fake.

In the meanwhile, check out this 10-question quiz – it takes all of two minutes to complete – for your personal happiness score. I did and seems that I am a carrier of happiness! Yuppie!

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Have a happy day wherever in the world you live!


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