How To Bounce Back From Life’s Big Stuff Events

Why Does Resiliency Matter?

Resiliency is starting to get more and more attention. Personal resilience helps us stay healthier, get better in school, have happier relationships, experience more joy and do better in our jobs. Family resilience also offers that and makes for better neighbours and safer communities.

But, what is it?

Resilience is our ability to “bounce back” from adversity. Life’s BIG Stuff events that we all have happened to us eventually. Death in the family, loss of a job, divorce, poor performance at work or school, chronic illness, having your house burn down, etc. Do you get the picture?

What Exactly Is Resiliency?

Resiliency is a set of key factors we can all use to help us stay safer, move forward and often create more successful outcomes.  There are two major parts to Resiliency:

  1. Inner resilience: This includes the beliefs you hold to be true,  your problem-solving skills, and the goals you have set for yourself.
  2. Outer resilience: includes the values of the community you live in, teams you have built around yourself, the education you have and the support you have from family to name just a few.

So, How Do We Get More?

To further develop and deepen our inner resiliency, a key place to start is with our self-control. Moderation is a very powerful factor in being resilient. Our resistance to temptation and restraining from over-doing things are two great starting points.

Outer resiliency is developed and deepened through (1) trusting relationships with people who treat us with respect, and (2) sharing time with others who have high expectations of us and we of them. Again, two powerful places to help us deepen and widen our ability to thrive.

Resiliency is a life-long process and a life-long adventure. In my experience, it has been important for me to set and keep personal boundaries.
Your resilience will help you stretch into life’s BIG Stuff moments and issues keeping you safe during times of trauma and danger, most certainly happier and most often, resilience will help you have better and greater outcomes whether in your personal or work relationships and general interactions.

Michael Ballard specialises in helping people, schools, organizations and communities learn how to become more resilient.
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Ginny’s mother’s facial expression changed from genuine interest to one of pain. She wrapped her arm around her daughter’s shoulders and led her inside to the sofa. As they sat, more tears rolled down Ginny’s face and she tried to bury her head in her hands. Her mother watched as her confident, beautiful daughter crumpled into a pile of tears and sobs. Something was very wrong.

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  1. makes me think of that saying “it’s not how many times you get knocked down it’s how many times you get up that counts”

    1. Ms Claudette

      Exactly!!! Bruised knees and all, just keep moving! 🙂

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