Endless Motivation: 4 Ways To Let It Flow

Damn, It’s Monday!

Another Monday and some may have slouched out of bed, swearing or even cursing at life, the job they really do not want to go to today, their spouse for snoring all night or so it seemed. The Unmotivated are many among us and to them the chirpy, peppy lovers of Monday are like flies on a summer’s kitchen wall – begging to be swatted.

Really hope that will not be the fate of this blog today if you are one of those Monday Haters. The intention here is to bring joy, insight, even laughter to help make Monday and every day that much brighter. There are many causes of low motivation. One could be the lack of dopamine production (if this is the case for you then you should probably take some supplements to help you, this dopamine booster is my favorite) while other causes is a job that isn’t rewarding. Whatever the cause of it is, there is always a way for us to help and one of the many ways I try to do that is by seeking out new Contributors and share with you stories and conversations that women across the world and of a certain age will be – that “M” word again – motivated by, even on a Monday.

Motivation For You

With that in mind, my search for resources for this Motivational Monday took me to four people and places that, once you check them out, I hope will give you some ideas how to get your inspired juices flowing – endlessly.

Motivation is much like that biblical quote states – “Pray without ceasing” – an unceasing, endless activity. Some may think motivation is passive, randomly coming upon you . I beg to differ.

You actually need to:

  1. Go to bed with the thought that tomorrow will be a better day than the one that is ending.
  2. Wake up and be still for a moment or two, basking in what you have before beaking off about what you do not have.
  3. Take “gratitude breaks” throughout the day, as often as needed or necessary, to simply look around and give thanks for the seen and the unseen.
  4. Make note just before retiring for the night of “all that was throughout your day,” no labels just thankfulness
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That is my list of four. Here are the other four that may also help you channel motivation throughout your day. I am pulling from each the gem that holds the greatest insight to endless motivation. Speaking of not being motivated, some people may find that having something like vinyl wall quotes plastered around their home or office could help motivate them and potentially increase productivity.

Four Motivational Quotes To Re-Start Your Flow

Read each one when your flow is slowing or now if you just cannot get it started:

#1. Lack of Motivation is a Virus by Serguei Beloussov in Digital News Asia:

Workplace Team-Motivation: “If a team member is slacking off, there will be others who would follow his example. Before long the whole team will be unmanageable. It is similar to civil unrests where an unhappy soul poisons an entire community, setting off a chain reaction, which affects people who in turn affect others. It hurts the entire business and the leader must be quick to make the right decisions to deal with this. Signs of bad motivation include disrespect of leaders and other team members, and heightened self-worth. It’s difficult to ‘fix’ such people. Therefore it is often easier to ‘localise’ them. All team members must respect each other and look for compromises. It is a bad sign if someone is not willing to work with others. Keeping track of this is the leader’s job, and this is one of the main rules.”

#2. Q&A with Georgi Kodzabashev, Bulgarian Tattoo Artist in Iron & Ink blog.
Asked how he would “sum up what it takes for a gifted person to believe in his talent and seek his dream job,” Kodzabashev said:

“Believe in yourself! If you don’t do that no one will. You have the full potential of doing anything you would love to do. Don’t let other people tell you what your life path is. Your life is your company you are the CEO of it.”

#3. Four Ways To Motivate The Unmotivated by Bri Williams
Way #1 was written for others but if you need some motivation today this is absolutely for you. So, insert your name in the parentheses:

“To get [ your name here ] to change [her] behaviour [she] must first understand the relationship between motivation and ability. Ability is our capacity and capability to do something and motivation is our desire to do so…Essentially, the harder something is to do, the greater the motivation required. The easier something is to do, the less motivation required. That means if you make something easy to do you don’t need to waste energy driving up motivation.”

#4. Embrace Your Natural Beauty by Endless Bliss blog

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This is a perfect lead-in to our featured post today by new Contributor, Richard Turner, on Body Enhancers. Do Subscribe and get notification when he posts that, however, for now this is your fourth motivation touchstone for today:

“The reality of it is, no one has flawless skin, but the skin we’re in is all we’ve got, so we have to accept it. I suppose that’s easier said than done, particularly for women, especially since we’ve all been applying makeup since we were in our mid-teens. But wearing makeup shouldn’t make us feel any more confident than we do without it; we should be able to feel confident both with and without it. We should always feel beautiful. Because we are. We should be proud of our natural beauty and unique looks that set us apart from the rest of the world.”

Until later today, stay motivated!


BTW, did you read my 7 Ordinary & Extraordinary Ideas for Summer? Are you considering getting a tattoo? If you have no clue what I am on about, check it out here. Take part in the poll and let’s do this – maybe?

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