4th of July News: Women Keeping Names & Holiday Fashion

Happy 4th of July!

A wonderful 4th of July to everyone in the United States where they are celebrating the 239th year of the Declaration of Independence! May you have an enjoyable time at your BBQ’s, watching the parades and the fireworks and whatever other activities you do on this your special day!

Before getting into the ‘serious’ news, and when that word ‘news’ is used here, what is referred to are stories about issues of interest and related to the focus of this blog and the Daughters of Sheba Foundation.

Our aim is to educate, empower and enhance the life of women and those who love them – one person, one post, one article, one story at a time.

4th of July Fashion

We celebrated Canada’s 148th birthday on July 1 and here in Edmonton, Alberta the sun was not shining too brightly for us on that day. It was also my granddaughter’s first birthday and we had a private family only part for her. Today, we will have a baby bash for her in the park.

Fashion is not my thing but being a girly-girl, I rushed to find something to wear. Something tells me that I am not the only woman who is a last-minute clothes-shopper, correct? This is for the non-divas among our readers – a 4th of July fashion from the Glitter Guide website. Check them out and do share some pictures of your outfit with me.

“Getting decked out in red, white and blue is a Fourth of July festivity that we look forward to each year. Whether they were heading to a traditional backyard barbecue or a dressed-up date night, these six stylish ladies’ ensembles have inspired us to show more patriotic pride than ever this Saturday!”


Women Are Keeping Their Names Again

“The number of women in The New York Times weddings pages who either keep their name or do something other than take their husbands’ name (such as use their original name professionally) has risen lately.”

We were in the wedding hall meeting with the consultant and my soon-to-be husband and I got into a huge fight. Whether that should have been a signal to me to just call the whole thing off, time would tell. The fight was over name-calling.

I wanted to keep my name, the only thing that my father left me. My fiancé wanted me to take his. We eventually arrived at a compromise and the blessed hyphen was it. Claudette Esterine- would be my name several times over, as having gone down the aisle a few times, my father’s name never changed.

Some might say that was the problem – my and other women’s inability to ‘submit’. Well, my response would be “Nonsense!”

“The practice of keeping one’s maiden name after marriage — which appears to have declined sometime in the 1980s or 1990s — has begun rising again, according to an Upshot analysis of data from multiple sources. The share has surpassed that of the 1970s. …The decision now tends to be less political. For many women, sociologists say, keeping their maiden names has lost its significance in defining their independence and its symbolism as a feminist act.” (The New York Times)

According to this latest report, roughly 20 percent of women are now keeping their names while another 10 percent are going for my option – the hyphen. The conclusion was, as women are marrying later in life today it becomes less likely that they will change their names given that much of their achievements, finances, etc are linked to their maiden name.

Are you married? Did you change your name, went for the hyphen or stood your ground? Are you getting married and thinking about this issue? Leave a comment below about your marital status and what did you do or plan on doing.

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Have a great 4th of July and do share some pictures!


Photos: glitterguide.com and pixabay.com


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