3 Body Enhancers To Catch His Eyes…Or Not?

If I See You Walking Down The Street…

I love walking the streets late in the evenings and many a night of the week and just about any time of day you can find yourself surrounded by different people who portray different perspective. We are living in a world that is currently designed for the passionate and the driven, so we men are constantly surrounded by women in various stages of maturity, dressing, and intelligence.

In those exact moments before they walk past, I bring myself to reflect on attraction and what we as men look for in women. Dabbling into the world of relationship, I have always heard these words repeated over and over that “A woman’s body image is strongly linked to her perception of what she thinks men prefer.” While this is true to a certain extent, there is still room to argue against this school of thinking.

Every man has his preferences, and like almost everybody else I have mine – do not ask as I am not going to share it here. The major point is that every man has a certain type of woman that he is drawn to and, as such, his real view on women’s body image differs from the next guy by a mile.

Women’s Body Image

bodyimageThis concept fingers the thinking among the general populace that for decades, if not centuries, we as a society have requested from women, if not pushed, that they act and look a certain way. The main purpose of this is to gain male affections.

Mockingly, we have demanded this while at the same time showing resentment towards women if, and when, they are entangled in the web of vanity that sometimes eventually grows from such a quest. Conversely, what this has meant is that from a very young age, men have been taught to look for those things that make a woman stand out from others. ‘

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So, when men are asked this question, a seemingly simple one, many try to evade giving an answer: “What is the men’s general opinion of the woman’s quest for a better butt and other body enhancements?”

The 3 Body Enhancers That Catches Attention

Many a man out there will tell you they like their woman natural and are completely against butt lifters, waist pinchers and hair extensions. In truth – no ordinary looking woman will get more than a once over from the typical male.

Taking them one at a time, butt lifters are meant to serve a certain purpose. Most women lose it – that rise – at a certain stage in their lives and these lifters are meant to help hold it all together. I do not think of this much as I know it is only meant to make what is available more pronounced so no real harm is done. Well, except you spend a few more minutes admiring what you see.

Waist pinchers also serve a similar purpose as the butt lifters, enhancing the beauty and curves of a woman. As for hair extensions, typically the only one of these three that is visible , and as everyone loves beauty, I think most men will agree with me on this one that every woman should do whatever it takes.

Heterosexual women tend to believe that men prefer the dieted-down, ultra-thin bodies that dominate the media craze these days. On the contrary, the truth is that a good percentage of my male counterparts still prefer the curves, fullness and all that comes with a that package.

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Men’s Real View on Shapewear and Other Enhancements

So, whether it is butt lifters, waist pinchers, hair extensions, dieting or working out, a man’s real view on women’s body image is never same from one guy to another. What I would caution is not to be too hard on ourselves or others about their idea of beauty, how they choose to dress and whether they choose to wear or not wear butt lifters, waist pinchers, shapewear Perth or hair extensions.

The search for perfection is relentless and a demanding one. We must remember that everyone has their taste and will pursue their ideal of beauty.

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