1 New And 2 Old-School Saturday Morning Cartoons

Blessings of Grandchildren

Regular readers know that my life elevated to a previously unimagined level of my when my granddaughter arrive last year Canada Day – July 1.

Mahalia was born prematurely. She was five weeks early and later reports from the obstetrician-surgeon were that had we brought my daughter into the hospital even one day later, we would have lost Li-Li. That would have been more than anyone of us could bear and it would have also been a continuing of a cycle in my family, on my mother’s side.

My first child, a boy, was stillborn and although I made my peace with what happened many years now, had my Kitten (she has so many names) not survive, that peace would have been greatly disturbed. The details of our journey to her birth last year and indeed her daily life is shared fairly freely on my Facebook page and within this blog. Why? Well, she is my reason for much of what I offer to you, the cap on my journey and the honey that sweetens each step.

Precious Moments With Grandchildren

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Just about every grandparent love their grandchildren. Saw a picture recently of Bill Clinton with his and did he ever look like the proverbial pig in @#$%. Everything that I have ever heard about being a grandparent, the things that I resisted such as them taking over your life, every thought and your senses is true.

I see Mahalia at least once per week. Since she turned one-year-old, it was on a Friday evening when I would pick her up from daycare and we would hang for a few hours until her Dad comes home. Honestly, that was a challenge for me, someone who for most of her life has basically crashed on a Friday evening. That has changed now and our new play date is on a Saturday morning.

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Kitten will be arriving shortly and today I plan to share with her some of my happier childhood memories – Saturday cartoons. Did you watch cartoons as a kid? Most of us did. Which was your favourite? My granddaughter, this young age is captivated by Dora The Explorer:

Old-School Cartoons

Much of my Saturday last week was spent exploring with Mahalia and Dora. This Saturday we will spend some time watching this:

Then we will get to some Bugs Bunny:

In between, we will do lunch and snacks, have a chat about life – her perspective and mine. For sure there will be a nap in there for her before Daddy gets here (Mommy is at work) and then it is off to get some pampering for me. Sounds like a perfect Saturday. What are your plans? Do share in the comments section below.

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