Women News: Abortion, Skinny Jeans And Apologies

Abortion, Abortion, You Got To Take Caution

With the focus being on women’s health here today, no surprise that one of the most controversial issues on the well-being of women is on the radar – Abortion.

Are you pro-choice or pro-life? Maybe you are standing where my feet have been planted for some time now on the issue of abortion. For many years, as with most things, my views has evolved. Growing up in a macho culture, and one in which a woman who for any reason had to choose an abortion was considered a “murderer,” in my tender years I held the same view.

Embarrassed as I am to admit that it is the truth. With the passing of the years, learning of life lessons, travels and having been a “victim” of rape that position had to change. Funny how life works. Often the very thing that we lash out at or protest greatly against, turns around to meet us face-to-face somewhere, somehow down the road.

Abortion is in the news today as several women ‘s rights groups in Europe plan to deliver the abortion pill to some women in Poland using drones.

“The drone will carry the drugs from Frankfurt an der Oder to women across the river in the Polish town of Slubice, in a bid to get around Poland’s restrictive abortion laws The delivery will also hopefully bring attention to the discrepancy between Poland’s abortion laws and those of other European countries, says one of the organizations involved, Women on Waves.” (Times Magazine)

Read the full article and tell me what you think about:

  1. Abortions in general
  2. This move to bring attention to a very polarizing issue
  3. The right of a woman to choose whether to have a child
  4. Where does personal responsibility fit into this picture?

Girl, Those Tight Jeans!

Another health-related issue – skinny jeans.

When the news about this popped up in my alert, my mind quickly flashed to my wardrobe and the one pair of tight jeans that I have. Admittedly, it is tight and does give me cause to pause and breath at times but kill me? Never thought it could be lethal.

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Nothing near this woman’s pain describes me trying to get my skinny jeans on  – maybe they are not that skinny after all.  Here is a bit for the story from CNN about a woman in Australia whose tight jeans were way too tight:

“One woman was hospitalized for days after her jeans caused her to lose feeling in her legs, according to a study published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry. The study said that squatting in skinny jeans can damage nerves and muscles in the legs.The 35-year-old woman had spent her day helping a relative move, squatting for hours as she emptied closets. When she was walking home that night, her feet grew numb, and she tripped and fell. Immobilized, she spent hours on the ground before she was found and rushed to the hospital.”

The lesson here and you know it is all about the lessons on this blog – “Though shall not do wear tight jeans when squatting or moving furniture then go home alone – have a sleepover!”

What Are You Sorry About?

Please do not answer that but please stop saying you are sorry for everything.

A young woman with whom it is my pleasure to share 7.5 hours a day is always apologising. She stubs her toes and she apologizes to me. Her coffee spills on HER desk and she comes across to me and apologized. It was getting so ridiculous – her constant apologies – that it was hard not to think of myself as a harsh, cold woman who she was scared to death of. Well, some might say that I am but this time, she has a problem with apologies.

She is not unique. Many women have this tendency to apologise for everything and the question is – why?

“One commonly posited theory, which informs everything from shampoo commercials to doctoral dissertations, is that being perceived as rude is so abhorrent to women that we need to make ourselves less obtrusive before we speak up. According to a 2010 study in the journal Psychological Science, “women have a lower threshold for what constitutes offensive behavior,” so are more likely to see a need for an apology in everyday situations. We are even apt to shoehorn apologies into instances where being direct is vital — such as when demanding a raise.” (The New York Times)

“Manners will take you through this world,” my late mother would drum into me but constant deference will keep you on your proverbial knees is my view.

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Offer an apology when you have intentionally done or said something to cause harm or inflict pain. Stop saying sorry, however, simply because it has become a habit or is expected. Quit apologising for living your life, doing what you wish and even for making a mess of things. You have nothing to apologise for – not when you make a mistake as you learn or for stepping on your dance partners toes. It was not intentional.

Try other words if you must, like “pardon me,” “my bad,” or say “that did not work or come out as I intended” but save “sorry” for when you truly have something to apologise about. As Sloane Crosley writes: “The sorrys are taking up airtime that should be used for making logical, declarative statements, expressing opinions and relaying accurate impressions of what we want.”

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