Wellness News: Disgraced Blogger And Bankrupt Seniors

The Truth, The Whole Truth…

One lesson that I constantly drummed into my daughter in her younger years was never to tell a lie. From as early as she could understand what I was harping on about, she would hear me say, “It is better to tell the truth the first time and we will figure it out, whatever it is!”

It was a lesson that took me long to learn and frankly there are still days that it challenges me. A tiny, white lie can do no harm we tell ourselves, but the thing with those white lies is that they change colour.

That is exactly what happened to this young woman:

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

In case you could not stomach watching the video in its entirety, this is a summary of what happened – she lied, again and again and again.

“Do you accept you’re a pathological liar?” journalist Tara Brown asked Ms Gibson in the explosive interview during which she struggled to even confirm her age.

The founder of The Whole Pantry cookbook and app, which she pioneered after claiming to have beaten terminal brain cancer with alternative treatments, admitted her diagnosis was fake but claimed she was the victim.” Nine News

A lying person is one of the most dangerous in my view. They hurt the ones they love the most but more than anything else – something that they just do not seem to understand – is that they hurt themselves more.

When the ‘dolly house’ of lies come crashing down, it is pretty ugly. For all her outward beauty and charm, Belle Gibson is a liar.

Sadly, there are many more of her parading in our world, on social media, in your community, in the pulpits and parliaments in every country. Pathological liars. What makes this case so unfortunate is that many believed her and drank the kool-aid, hoping for the same miraculous results.

Don’t Believe The Hype

Their fault, you might say and to some extent I agree. Having been duped and manipulated very skillfully many times over, I would love to say that no Belle Gibson could get me again in this lifetime.

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Yet, liars are very skilled at their craft and this is why it is so important to never take anyone’s story at face value.

It is very popular to preach trust, but those who do must earn trust first. Therein lies the problem. In our fast-paced, technologically advanced world, people like Belle and even me have access to your living rooms at the click of a link. The burden of responsibility is yours then to verify and verify before you dive in, particularly when money has to change hands or you are banking your health and wellness on someone’s words or testimony.

Many are very upset with her. Some of the comments towards her are actually quite hateful, particularly after this interview aired and the depth of her deceit was exposed. My wish for her though and those who are masquerading in a similar fashion is for healing. There must be psychological and deep-seated issues that she would be well served to pay even a fraction of the attention she invested in lying.

Broke and Bankrupt Senior Years

Here is another story that, although not directly related to one specific liar, has very much to do with deception. This is on a government level.

We were all spun a tale that if we worked and worked hard at any job, saving as much of our incomes as possible, the retirement years would be just perfect.

Well, that too was a lie – or so many senior citizens are finding out.

“The golden years have become a tarnished chapter for some. Seniors are carrying more debt into retirement and, as a result, a growing number are going bankrupt.

According to the federal Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, 10 per cent of those who declared bankruptcy in 2014 were aged 65 and older. That’s a whopping 20.5 per cent increase from 2010.”

That is the story from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). Blame has been cast on many things, including the fact that we are living longer. However, can we honestly point fingers at improved wellness among our citizens? A lot more people are having to claim bankruptcy now, if you are in a similar situation though, then you might want to get yourself a lawyer. Why not use someone like this bankruptcy attorney san diego to help you out.

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What about the lies we believed from the financial sector and government agencies about savings and investment opportunities and to borrow our way to happiness and security? What amount of blame are we willing to cast at our own feet for drinking more of the kool-aid of charlatans wearing suits and talking smooth?

Read the full article here and share your thoughts with me on this subject. Tell me whether you are a senior or approaching the golden years and whether you feel can retire. If you are not, how are you preparing for your golden years of wellness?

Canada Day

It is Canada Day here tomorrow and so, to all my fellow Canadians, I wish you a lovely day. Enjoy the beauty and offerings of our country. Keep your eyes, ears and mind open as you celebrate the rich heritages of all those who came and contributing to making this country great.

As well, tomorrow we will be celebrating my granddaughter’s first birthday. She arrived in the wee hours of the morning on Canada Day – five weeks premature. It was not clear whether she would survive, but a year later she is thriving.

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