Wellness: Employee Benefits, Alone Time And Purpose

Wellness Promotion Through Employee Benefits

Interviewing for a new job, whether you are just entering the working world, returning to it or changing employer, aside from the salary a big concern is the employee benefits package.

Interestingly, this is a concern for both sides – the potential employee and the employer. Well, possibly if the employer is well-meaning and hopes to have talented staff members who stay in the job for a long time. Unfortunately, some employees may find that their salary isn’t enough to keep them at the job forever. However, this is usually where employee benefits will come into it. A lot of employers these days are looking at more ways to keep these high potential members of staff in place. One of the most popular ways is to consider giving members of staff a retention bonus. To implement this, it might be worth outsourcing payroll support, from a company similar to cloudpay, to ensure that staff are receiving appropriate bonuses alongside their normal salary.

Global online employment website, Monster.com, wanting to understand how important benefits are to job seekers, conducted a survey and shared some insights on what benefits are most valued to prospective candidates. You can read the full report here but the survey results “found that a healthcare plan was the most valued class of benefits, accounting for almost one-third of the value prospective employees would place on a benefits package.”

jobseekerThis is particularly true for potential employees, in my view, as they marry, have children and age. The pay package becomes less focussed on the take-home pay, shifting more towards the benefits as time progress. Not surprisingly then that wellness and how a company’s benefits package can help to promote it among its staff was one of the main items on the agenda of the recent Calgary [Alberta] Benefits Summit.

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In an article titled “Wellness – The New World of Benefits,” Jacqueline Louie captures the shift for employers:

“The benefits industry has seen dramatic change in recent years, with wellness now front and centre in people’s minds. According to a survey by Ceridian, leading organizations have stated a wellness strategy to be one of the most critical factors in their future success.”

Read the full article here but it would seem that the benefits industry is prompting employers and their Human Resources departments to “go with the flow,” and make the move to more fully care for their employee wellness. This is encouraging news especially for those who are either without benefits or have a package that is no longer supporting their needs.

Improved Wellness Through Alone Time

aloneMany of you might feel guilty taking time for yourselves – what with the children’s, spouse’s or even the employer’s needs and your responsibilities to them.

Get over it and get some alone time!

This is not just the talk of a woman who loves being alone more than she likes sex. Well, almost. Reporting on the findings of research conducted by Science of US, Leigh Weingus of The Huffington Post confirms what has been a practice of mine for a few years now. There is “empirical support for a key premise …consumers who forego hedonic activities alone are missing out on opportunities for rewarding experiences.”

If you are equating alone time with being alone you are comparing apples to oranges. Further, you are not necessarily an introvert to value the benefits of some alone time – and there are many. Read this very interesting article to discover what you might be missing if you continue not to make or take some time for yourself.

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Once you have read it, take 15 minutes for yourself whether you are already at the office or still at home. Pick your nose, write on toilet paper or just look in the mirror and have a chat with the friendly face looking back at you.

Living on Purpose

stones-451329_1280Later this morning, I will post some thoughts on “Living on Purpose: Does That Mean Being Broke?” Subscribe and be one of the first to read that article.

Preparing for that conversation, check out this article and the “4 Keys of Living on Purpose.”

Looking forward to your comments, feedback and your tweet on any or all of these Wellness nuggets. please, share them with your friends and family as we all need to up our wellness! Have a great day


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