The Unfortunate Life Of An Interesting Woman – Part II

One Week Later

It had been a week since Ginny had gone dancing with her friends. She had floated through the days, thinking about the mysterious William that she had danced with. She wrote about in him her journal and thought about him when she danced to the music on her radio. But this morning, a prospect much more exciting than dating had come into her life in the form of an ad in the daily newspaper.

“Journalist wanted” she read. Her search for love became a distant memory as her eyes poured over the ad. She read over the requirements and decided that it was now or never. She would apply for the job.

The Job Women Could Only Dream About

She pulled out the typewriter her father had gotten her for her last birthday. As she set it up and checked the ink, her mind flashed back to opening this delightful gift.

Her father had wrapped it in newspaper and a big red bow. As she opened it, her eyes had gotten wide and she squealed in delight. She jumped up to hug her father tight and he laughed. “Something for you to do some real work on!” He said.

He had always supported her. Most fathers wanted their daughters to be normal, go to school, find a boy, get married, have babies and die cleaning the kitchen.

Fortunately, Ginny’s father had known from when she was very little that she was going to be a wonderful handful of a daughter. He loved her interesting outlook on life. They bonded over reading the Sunday paper together while Ginny’s sister and mother spent their time sewing new dresses from the latest fashions. Ginny and her father would pretend they lived in a different world. A world where Ginny had opportunities to do whatever she wanted. They talked as though she could easily become a writer and take the world by storm. Her father believed she would.

Mother Dear, I Will Show You

Her mother hadn’t been so thrilled. It was a constant struggle for them. Ginny believed her mother would never understand her and thought that she just wanted her to become a housewife like her. They fought all the time as Ginny’s mother constantly bugged her about dating nice boys or being like the other women her age.

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Well, today would be different. She would get the job and show her mother how wrong she had been to try to force her into such a dull life.

Ginny sat down and typed up one of her favorite pieces. It was a story she had written only two months earlier and her father had said it was one of the best things he had ever read. She hit the last key and pulled the paper from the top of the typewriter. She loved how her work looked on the clean page.

Then she ran to her room. She pulled out her most important and sharp-looking dress and some sensible shoes. When she went to the kitchen, she saw her parents sitting at the table finishing their eggs. “Look! Isn’t it wonderful?” She said throwing down the advertisement from the paper. Her father picked it up and read it out loud. “I’m off to apply. Wish me luck!” She sang.

Her mother looked at her with a dreaded look. “Mother, I really don’t have time to hear your disapproval. Just let me do this.” She said as her mother opened her mouth.

The Interview

“Knock em dead sweetheart.” Her father said. She smiled and walked out the door.

The newspaper office was only 5 blocks from her house and she was there before she knew it. As she walked in, she saw a line of secretaries answering phones and speaking quickly. Though the room was filled with cigarette smoke, she loved the atmosphere. Everything moved quickly and everyone spoke rapidly. After a few moments, one of the secretaries nodded at her and said, “What can I help you with dear?”

Ginny smiled, “I am here to apply for the journalist position. Is the editor around? It says I need to inquire with him. Here, I even brought my writing sample.” Ginny said to the dumbfounded secretary. The short blond behind the desk just blinked at her.

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“Uhhh… I…” She stuttered in shock. She couldn’t believe that there was a woman here to apply and had no earthly idea how to proceed. Before she could do anything, one of the other secretaries sauntered over.

“Hi there sweetheart. So you want to be a journalist?” She said with a cynical smirk. Ginny nodded as she looked at this brazen woman. There was something about her that was so different from what Ginny had ever seen in a person. “Well, I like your moxie sweetheart but this is a man’s game and those boys in there are going to laugh you right out on your ass.”

Ginny was completely taken aback by her brash nature and that she had never heard a woman swear. She saw a glimmer in the woman’s eyes. “Well, I think I will see that for myself, thank you. Now which way to the editor’s office?” Ginny asked with false confidence. The secretary looked at her with a smile and Ginny could swear she saw a hint of respect in her eyes. She pointed down the hall.

“It’s thataway and then take a right. His name is Mr. Watson.” She said. She paused, “Hey, good luck.” She said genuinely. Ginny nodded then walked to the office door. She raised her hand to knock on the wood next to the frosted glass window.

Before she could tap, a voice from within called out, “Come on in here doll face.” Suppressing her annoyance, she twisted the handle and forced a confident smile.

This was it.

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