The Unfortunate Life of an Interesting Woman – Part I

1930phoneThe Third Wheel

Ring, ring!

The phone rang in the living room. Virginia looked up from the dining room table where she was writing in her journal. She jumped up after the second ring and ran to it. She grasped it from the end table just before her younger sister did.

“Reynolds residence, Ginny speaking,” Virginia said as she made a face at her exasperated sister. With a big sigh, her younger sister Betty, sat on the overstuffed chair next to the table.

“Ginny! Beverly here, how would you like to go out dancing tonight? I am getting the girls all together and their husbands are all coming too. Will that be alright for you? You won’t feel odd will ya?” Beverly asked all in a rush.

Ginny was used to her friends asking these questions. She is the only one among her friends who is not married. Although her friends loved her dearly, they all thought she was a bit odd to not want to be married. Ginny stayed single out of choice. She had far too much fun dancing with different men at the local club and liked the freedom she had to do whatever she wanted.

Good Cook, Housekeeper But Wife Could Wait

30womenThough she was a good cook and a decent house cleaner, the last thing she wanted was to take that on full time. And every man she had ever been sweet on expected that from her. So, she made a deal with herself three years prior. She would not marry until she could find a man that enjoyed her and encouraged her to be exactly who she was. There were many nice young men in

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There were many nice young men in town, but none had really fit that description.

“That sounds swell! I’ll meet you at 7 o’clock?” Ginny asked happily.

Beverly agreed and hung up the phone to call the rest of their friends. It was 4 o’clock now which meant she had plenty of time to finish writing her story, dance to her newest record then find what she would wear.

At 7 o’clock Ginny walked into the Cat Club on Main and immediately found Beverly and the rest of her friends, with their husbands in tow. While the men went to grab their drinks, the ladies sat down at a large table near the dance floor. While most of her friends commented on the other women’s dresses and admonished their hemlines, Ginny was watching them twirl around the floor.

Her feet started tapping to the rhythm. Fortunately, soon enough, a nice gentleman that she had not seen before came over and asked her to dance.

Dance With A Stranger

As she stood, Beverly placed a hand on her arm and whispered, “Are you sure you want to dance with him? You don’t know anything about him?” and raised her eyebrows in alarm.

“Relax Beverly, we aren’t getting married, we are just dancing!” And with that she blew a kiss to her worried friend and sauntered off.

1930 danceHer dance partner proved to be exquisite. They danced for three songs before she needed a break. As he walked her back to her friends he introduced himself, “My name is William, what is yours?”

Ginny was far too outgoing to blush and turned to stick her hand out. “My name is Virginia but all my friends call me Ginny.” He took her hand and shook it, amused by her forward nature.

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“So Ginny, it looks like all your friends are nice married ladies.” He said with a smile. She nodded.

“So why aren’t you? Did they run out of men in this town?”

She laughed. “No. No. There are plenty of nice boys here. They just all want to marry a cook and housekeeper. And well, I want to be a writer.”

“Yes, I have heard that small town men tend to discourage their wives from being interesting. Certainly none of them would condone of such a thing as a woman writer.” William said with a coy smirk.

“Precisely.” She said with a firm nod. “So I enjoy myself when we go dancing and fill my time with things that interest me.”

“Ah, I bet they tell you that you are far too pretty to use that head for anything but recipes.” He teased.

“Oh boy don’t they. It’s the cost of having an opinion and being a woman at the same time.” She said with an exasperated smile. He chuckled at her silly expression.

Until We Meet Again…

When they got to the table he grabbed her hand suddenly and gave it a good shake. “It was a pleasure dancing with you Ginny.” He said looking into her eyes. She returned the gaze and surprisingly felt a blush rush to her cheeks.

“You too.” She said quietly. He turned to walk away then stopped and turned back.

“Just so you know, I like opinionated women.” He said with a wink.

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