TGIF Round-up: Who Are We

Friday – June 26

It has been a long and beautiful week, with lots of happenings around our world.

Over thIMG_2162116241458e few weeks that this blog has relocated here from Blogger, my team and I have worked diligently to make it worth Subscribing, commenting and sharing with your friends across social media.  Every morning, without any idea really of what the day’s post will be on, I scour the news for information, selecting relevant stories, related to women, parents, young people anywhere and everywhere in our world. These are presented under the “In The News” category of this blog first thing each day – except Fridays – with the hope that we can help start your day on a positive and thoughtful note.


The three, so far, Contributors here write articles reflecting their areas of expertise, careers as well as their lived experiences.

alexisAlexis Ali is a fiction and short story writer, who lives in New York. She is taking us through “The Unfortunate Life of An Interesting Woman,” the story of a 20-year-old woman living in 1930’s USA. Alexis imagination is running wild with this seven-part series and we hope you will join us every Wednesday until the end of July as this series unfolds.


claraClara Brown’s primary role in life for the past 11 years has been a mother of her smart and adorable son. Prior to that and in-between mothering, she is an Insurance Executive and wife living in Kingston, Jamaica. Clara is an early member of the Daughters of Sheba Facebook group that was the launching pad for this and my other ventures on social media. She writes in her spare time, sharing her rich journey and wisdom as a child and strong woman in growing up and living in Jamaica.

michaelMichael H. Ballard or Mr. Resilience is the man among us. Over the last few weeks, he has shared how life led him along the resiliency coaching path – teaching and supporting others as they attempt to regroup, restart or continue life after a devastating event. Who better qualified than Michael to speak and lead on this? He has been a survivor since he first fell off his three-wheeler at six years old.  Two bouts with cancer could not stop him. Michael now delivers workshops, seminars and one-on-one coaching sessions for individuals and corporation worldwide.

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Women And Those Who Love Them

Relocating to WordPress was deliberate as my intention is to offer a professional yet friendly place to have conversations and exchange ideas. Much of my personal journey is available at my former blog home, however, over the past few weeks, snippets were repeated here and will continue to intertwine in posts to come.

There is a popular phrase that goes something like this – “The personal is the political. It in some ways encapsulates my woman-centric focus that comes forth in this blog. Who I am will always shine through no matter the discussion or topic. Whether the conversation is about money, politics, relationships, the economy or spirituality –  the “woman-angle” will be there.

Yet,  understanding that our world and our lives are way more than our sexual, gender or racial identities – humanity will be the heart of it. And so, beginning this week and as we together exclaim TGIF, the Round-up post will feature snippets from the week’s main stories. The hope is that they will engage you in conversation with us as you wind down and ease into your weekend.

This Past Week

Moving forward, TGIF Round-up will highlight posts of the week that engaged, entertained and educated. To kick this new feature off, here are this week’s posts that did just that.

Monday, June 22:

Motivational Monday: Women’s Empowerment, Humility & Grace

“Opened my alerts this morning to find a few stories debating whether women’s empowerment is such a great thing after all. My first reaction, just after reading the headlines, was dismay. “Here they go again, these men, trying to put women back in the kitchen,” I thought… Claudette P. Esterine


Dude, You Have Cancer: How Can You Be Happy?

“Several times during my often frightening challenges with two bouts of cancer, multiple treatments, and life-saving midnight surgery, I would get that question. Those were very intense times. I still have the gift of 77 medical clips and several large scars that help to remind me of those years of treatment”Michael Ballard

Tuesday, June 23:

Wanted: A Relationship, Eventually

“After spending months of weeping, wailing, gnashing my teeth, then analyzing what went wrong and how it could be made right – eventually it dawned on me to “move the fuck on,” Claudette P. Esterine


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Wednesday, June 24:

2 Women’s Health Issues And Your Sex Life

“Much to chagrin of many of my colleagues and professors at the Catholic theological college that I attended, one could often hear me say that I will not offer confessions to a priest – one because I am not Catholic. Two because anything that must be shared with Source can come straight from my mouth to His/Her ears. My third reason was very practical – how can a person who has never had, or claims never to have had sex understand the journey of a woman with a past?”… Claudette P. Esterine

The Unfortunate Life of An Interesting Woman – Part II

“It had been a week since Ginny had gone dancing with her friends. She had floated through the days, thinking about the mysterious William that she had danced with. She wrote about in him her journal and thought about him when she danced to the music on her radio. But this morning, a prospect much more exciting than dating had come into her life in the form of an ad in the daily newspaper.”Alexis Ali

Thursday, June 25:

Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go

“My passion runs high on several issues and one of them is the protection of children. That may be due to several things including the sexual and physical abuses that were very much a part of my childhood…” Claudette P. Esterine




No rest for us here and so we hope to see you for our Saturday and Sunday posts. Tending to be more of the real and soul food nature, weekend posts are relaxed and easy-going, little no politics, less debating.

Do Subscribe and allow us – my three Contributors, my awesome team of IT professionals, based in India and who help to keep this blog up and running and I – to  deliver inspirational, thought-provoking and straight conversations to your email. You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook for posts not published here.

Be blessed and be a blessing.


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