Sunday Snippets: Relationships, Sexy Gorillas & Curried Chicken

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Writing on a Sunday morning was not formerly on my list of to do’s. However, since relocating to WordPress it has become one of my simple Sunday pleasures. Later I will probably go hiking or something – maybe.

At first, my thought was Sunday posts might focus more on spirituality, after all I am a trained chaplain and spiritual counsellor. Orthodoxy is not my style and that is most evident in my choice of conversations on this blog and in life. As I arose from bed this morning, a bit later than usual, my thought went to what will we talk about this morning.

21st Century Woman and Choosing a Mate

“Every man I meet wants to protect me. I can’t figure out what from.” Mae West

That seems to be part of the issue men are having with women of late. Women, like Mae West, seem not to be interested in having a protector. Unfortunately, some have translated that to mean they are no longer interested in marriage, long-term relationships or even settling with one man.

Blame has been cast at the feet of modern entertainment, including movies, rap music, video games and such the like. Take this comment by Anton Hagen on Return of the Kings’ website: “We’ve all seen girls responding ecstatically to the aloof, mysterious man with his hand-reading routines, negging, and general masculine allure. We’ve also seen them having no qualms in hopping from man to man, and flaking mercilessly on nice guys simply out of boredom and an insatiable lust for excitement.”

The Ultimate Mate? Shabani The Gorilla

Is that a fair statement? Personally, I am not sure that it is although some truth can be found to it. However, what does the report out of Japan about women swooning over a gorilla tell us though?

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I watched this video several times and there is something about Shabani that is tantalizing!

At the risk of sounding cliché, men and women want different things out of a relationship, their focus and their expression of this want is also very different. Granted, the bottom-line is the same. Everyone wants to be loved. That is an intrinsic need, drive, urge – call it what you will.

For many men, expressed through sexuality – which Shabani displays a high-level. For most women express their desire through nurturing.

Sex Does Not A Relationship Make

Speaking for most women, whether they openly admit this, we want sex. After all, we are sexual beings just as men and Shabani. The sexual desires of men come to the fore when it comes to adult entertainment; watching Atlanta on Babestation live reveals what sexual fantasies most men enjoy.

Relationships, however, the meaningful ones are not sex-based. What we are witnessing is a turning of the tides with women learning and adapting to the centuries of the cultural behaviour of men.

Women have learned how to play the field – until they find The One.

Back in 2002, Cosmopolitan Magazine told us how to be the best “baller.

“The more men you date, the better your odds of finding your perfect match,’ confirms Jodie Gould, coauthor of Date Like a Man. The ideal setup, she says, is to have ‘a pair and a spare’, meaning you should keep at least three Romeos in rotation at once.”

We learned well, but some men are not happy at our sexual intelligence. Do not misquote or misunderstand – I am not arguing for or making excuses for serial dating. What is at issue here is not the wrong or right of multiple partners. I am no judge and am not available for jury duty on that subject.

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At issue here is relationship quality – whether they have changed with the passing of time and the evolution of our understanding them. We have seen this past week that the United States have formally stepped into a new era with the ruling on same-sex marriages. That country was among the leaders when it came to the women’s movement.

The future is wide open now and I know there are some who think we are going to the apes!

sundaydinnerSunday Table

Continuing the campaign, at least among readers of this blog, for a return to the Sunday Dinner table, here is this weeks suggestion.

You might have guessed, read or figured by now that I am Jamaican by birth. Sunday dinner is prime time for us and a tradition that is very slow to fade. My hope is that it will never and to that end, today my table will be adorned with Curried Chicken.

It is a simple and easy meal to prepare and here is a recipe from Cook Like Jamaican‘s website.

Enjoy your meal, the rest of the day and I look forward to our conversations over the course of the week. Do catch up on our short story series, as well as with the Contributors’ latest posts here.

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