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Policing Spiritual Care

Over my lifetime, many a dumb things have come to my attention, as I am sure they have yours. Policing spirituality is the latest.

Apparently, there is a move in Scotland to do just that. Lock up parents for the not giving their children enough spiritual guidance and spiritual care.

Excuse me?!

Yes, readers know that I have supported the idea of parenting classes, however, this proposal over in Scotland is going just a bit across the line and into the dictatorship zone.

Who decides what is proper spiritual care? Why does the government – any government anywhere – have to check the spiritual practices of households as that is what it boils down to.

Which politician’s friend needs a job?

Fundamentalism: Unacceptable whether Liberal or not

Fundamentalism of any stripe or colour is dangerous. Christianity and Islam are not the only two religious paths that have those who would like to dictate the spiritual practices of everyone – especially women.

Liberal fundamentalists are just as readily available. You see them online daily, quarreling with each other because the “Om” chant was not done in the right note.

Give me a @#$% break!

That is the Sunday news from here. Tell me, what do you think about this proposed law and about fundamentalist spirit-seekers?

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Have a gorgeous Sunday and be sure to strike the right meditation pose now!

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