Sunday News: Father’s Day Life Lessons & Bras

Happy Father’s Day

Some fathers could probably teach you a thing or two about push-up bras. Most certainly me, who recently started buying them as my girls need the boost.

Happy Father’s Day you learned gentlemen, teachers, counsellors, protectors and guides! May your day be as you imagined and more!

Let us get this bra issue out-of-the-way then focus on the meat and potatoes of today.

Guide To Push-Up Bras

Saw this hilarious piece on push-up bras and thought – “Hamm, this is not only informative and funny, but some Dad might understand women’s confusion as we glamorize ourselves for them.”

Deny it as much as you like but that bra you are wearing now or plan to put on later – is for the men, the father of your children.

BuzzFeed Yellow these “four women try on and react to three different types of push-up bras all pledging different degrees of enhancement.” Right along with me for sure, these “women were confused, amused and freaked out by the bras.”

Women have often said that men invented and designed bra – and this statement from the video confirms that suspicion: “This is like NASA technology that we now use to hold up people’s tits.”  Watch the video again, share with the hubby and see if he understands your pain! Do share his reaction with me.

On to more appropriate matters for Father’s Day.

Life Lessons from Dad

family-796911_1280Children of some successful fathers in one community were asked “What were some of the lessons Dad taught that will stay with you forever.”

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Read some of the answers here but I am sharing this one because it struck a chord with me, given the current anxieties in  many places about police behaviour.

Robin Walters’ role model for what a law enforcement officer should be is her father Douglas Walters, a retired U.S. marshal and police officer. The lessons learned from him guide her as a Lexington County deputy, now having the rank of sergeant supervising patrols in the north part of the 758-square-mile county.”

The lesson: “Dad taught me the importance of not being a bully with a badge and reminded me throughout my career it isn’t about how many people you put in jail, but how you helped someone.” 

Share this article far and wide; not just with police officers and new recruits to the ranks but to children starting school, people in jobs with some amount of authority over other, etc. Please read and share these life lessons from fathers. Send to me the ones that your Dad or the person who fathered you taught that you have not forgotten.

Sunday Dinner

This is a special Sunday Dinner – Father’s Day Dinner and I would love to see what you all will be having. Do share your pictures with me either by email or on Facebook. You can also follow me on Pinterest and share your Sunday best.

 For the ‘late bloomers’, here are some last-minute ideas:
Grilled-New-York-StripSome ‘Man Food’ pleasers from Bernadette Martin, Community Table, that most children will enjoy as well – Grilled Sirloin Steak
cheesy Three easy ones from Lauren Gordon, Daily Meal, that are supposedly breakfast but you know the guys, once it tastes good they will eat it anytime – Cheesy Hashbrowns
Iced-Chocolate-recipe-Taste-and-Tell-1For dessert, try this Iced Chocolate recipe that I found over at Fifteen Spatulas.
If none of this will work for you – there is always pizza!
Next Week
Have a great Father’s Day whatever you decide to do. Enjoy your Dad time and be sure to Subscribe and receive other news, reviews, and tidbits to make life that much easier and practical.
Catch up on the short story series, “The Unfortunate Life of An Interesting Woman,”  by Alexis Ali before Wednesday when Part II will be published. Here is an excerpt:
“It had been a week since Ginny had gone dancing with her friends. She had floated through the days, thinking about the mysterious William that she had danced with. She wrote about in him her journal and thought about him when she danced to the music on her radio. But this morning, a prospect much more exciting than dating had come into her life in the form of an ad in the daily newspaper.”
Tomorrow is Motivational Monday, and the guy on this block, Michael H. Ballard, will tell us why he is so happy to be here! Until then,

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