Sex: Bet That Woke You Up!

Sex and breasts are topical today.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015: This day is marked as International Sex Workers Day. Many would not have known this, however, as a woman, a child of a sex worker (now deceased) and one very much interest in the lives and way of living of other women, it is something that is important on my agenda.

Sex Workers: The politically correct name for prostitutes.

In the news: Did you know that Sex Workers accept mobile payments for their services? In Zimbabwe they do!

International Sex Workers Day, says Wikipedia “honours sex workers and recognises their often exploited working conditions. The event commemorates the occupation of Église Saint-Nizier in Lyon by more than a hundred prostitutes on 2 June 1975 to draw attention to their situation. It has been celebrated annually since 1976.” This is a positive outlook on sexworkers and the sex industry in general, with new additional general acceptance every day, this could even benefit the porn industry too, as in sites such as

Later today, breast health and the “app for that” will be discussed. Do subscribe for this blog and receive an update of this post.

Enjoy the second day of June, sex and your breasts however you can and must!



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  1. […] the world. Yes, while political correctness allows us to be sensitive to those who do become “sex workers” out of choice, it shrouds the reality of those who did not have a […]

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