Saturday News: It’s Still Raining Men!

Man Day

Bet you are thinking by now what happened here? You thought this blog is mainly by women (and one man) for women. Did you forget the part that says “and for the people who love them?”

So, the focus is still on the men in most of your lives – the Fathers, the Dads, the husbands, brothers and friends who will have their day tomorrow – Father’s Day.

Summer Body

Before we get to them though, here is something you might be interested in as you spruce up the part of your lives that men really enjoy. Yes, they are not all just into that, and your mind and spirit are important. However, your body (and theirs) tend to catch the eyes first.

Mayo Advertiser had this short but insightful article, chock full of tips to get in the best shape and feeling good before Summer is in full swing.

Top tips for me were:

  1. Ditch the fizzy drinks
  2. Get fresh (foods and it is Farmers’ Market season)
  3. Enjoy the feel good factor

Read the full article, try what works for you and do share some pictures with me on Facebook.

Onto The Men

surfingwithdadA couple of days ago I believe it was, one of the brands mentioned that guys are into is Levi’s and today, that company is sharing stories from some of the men running the show over there.

About the life lessons that these Levi Strauss Dads hope their children will learn, this is such a great article. Men are much deeper than many think, and touchy feely.

“I want my son to be grateful in life for all the gifts he receives; whether it’s a great experience or a meaningful friendship. I want him to have an awareness of all the people holding him up and wanting him to be happy. Finally, I want him to focus on all the positive things in his day as opposed to dwelling on the negative.” — Simon Judeh, Merchandise Planner

Read the short piece, with such heartwarming pictures and listen out for similar gems from your guys this Father’s Day. They often come in the quiet and intimate moments. You know when I am talking about!

Teaching The Future Fathers

Not sure whether it was the late Dr. Maya Angelou or Dr. Phil – what a duo – who said this but it is something that resonates with me and maybe with you as well:

“You teach people how to treat you.”

As a teacher and eternal student, it is important to me to show the real me and ‘teach’ who I am.  Shaming is a sore point with me – and something not worth indulging in. People behave towards us, for the most part, according to what we allow them to think is okay.

This is why the report about a seminar on creating opportunities for black men caught my attention. For so long, black men have been repeatedly told who they are and usually it is with negative connotations. This seminar was different:

“The meeting did not just focus on staying out of trouble. Leaders taught attendees how to be fiscally responsible. Several community group leaders shared their lessons with the crowd. They talked about how to make money, manage it, and then use it to better their families.”

Before we start shaming black, white or any shade of skin men, let us help teach them how the world would like to experience them – as the kings, princes and keepers of this sacred place. Watch the video and share widely with young black men, fathers or fathers-to-be  this special Father’s Day.

More Men Seeking Parental Advice

Contrary to what we often think, a growing number of men want to be better parents and are seeking help. As discussed here recently, and confirmed by a report out of Ontario, Canada: “With more than 1.2 million families being raised by single mothers in Canada, there’s never been a greater need for more involved fathers.”

manoceanSome Fathers are taking action.

“As Canadians prepare to celebrate another Father’s Day, public health officials say they’re seeing a shift in attitudes around the roles fathers are playing in kids’ early development. The number of dads, uncles, grandfathers and other men caring for children attending our programs has grown significantly, starting prenatally. This is a wonderful trend that benefits all children,’ said Stacy McCormick, supervisor of the region’s YMCA Early Years programs.”

A real shift is happening and it is to be celebrated. True, there are many men not stepping up to their responsibilities yet we must acknowledge that many are great dads. When we highlight this, others will be encouraged to do the same.

And To Sunday Dinner

Where better to start than around the dinner table this Father’s Day?

fathers day mealHave you decided and went shopping for your Father’s Day menu items yet? Still looking for ideas? Well here are some great ideas from the Food Network.

A wonderful Saturday to you and your men! Enjoy shopping and putting together your celebrations for tomorrow.



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