Saturday: Bruce Jenner As Caitlyn And Beautiful Dishes

Frankly, it matters not to me whether Bruce Jenner is a man, woman or transgender. Hope that last noun (is it a noun) does not offend a community that I love dearly.

See that is exactly the problem. When we start labelling people and attempt to stick them in normative boxes. That is why Caitlyn‘s first public appearance was such news, almost turning the little chick – Twitter – into a clucking hen!

What you do in your life, particularly in your bedroom, is none of my or anyone else’s business. Period. Hats off to Caitlyn for the public viewing of hers but that is not how this Saturday will be spent.

For the Love of Beautiful Dishes

Are you like me and spend a good part of your Saturday grocery shopping?

Food is my second love. My friends often tease that I talk (and post) about it more than I eat. True but who can resist when food looks this good?

17400Saw pictures on BlogsRelease of 16 Dishes that are almost too beautiful to eat and went to food lovers heaven! In my next life, maybe my occupation will be in culinary arts. If lucky enough to have that combined with travelling, then that might just be my last life.

As I hungrily gazed at the photographs of these 16 Dishes, San Sebastián beckoned. According to the release, “gastronomy is a way of life” in this small Spanish city. Describing her own journey as a culinary artist, chef Dominique Crenn, “the only woman to run a Michelin two-star restaurant in North America” is reported to have said,

“I use a paint brush and I use food as a palette. If we don’t have diversity in life, we have nothing.”

CNN International has launched a new series, Culinary Journeys, and San Sebastián is featured and what a lovely feast for the eyes this is as six of the city’s top restaurateurs display their creations.

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Saturday Plans – What’s on the Agenda for you?

Off to a grocery store or two near me to see what is available to try my hands at making my favourite of these beautiful dishes. Maybe later, you and I can play dress up and see who is the best Caitlyn look-alike???

What are your plans for this Saturday? Do share – leave a comment here and share these beautiful pictures from Spain with your friends across Facebook, Pinterest and wherever else you post. I will most certainly be doing the same.


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