Parenting In the New Millennium

We all have our stories of “when I was growing up.” Some of them perfect, some not-so-perfect and others falling in between.

Celebrity watch is another thing that normally is not on my menu. However, in recent months, one keeps popping up on my table. A young one.

“If Newborn Babies Could Speak They Would Be The Most Intelligent Beings On Planet Earth,” — Jaden Smith (@officialjaden) September 12, 2013

Funnily, Jaden did not come to my attention on Twitter until he announced that he was leaving the flock. Such a pity, as I for one would most certainly re-tweet his philosophical musings.

Scoff at him or adore him but you simply cannot ignore him.

Whether dressed in a skirt, a Batman outfit or in dreads (comme je suis), Jaden commands my attention. His mind that is and personally, I attribute its sharpness and wit to nature, nurtured by a parenting style that has also been scoffed at.

Legion are the comments, articles and posts about Will and Jada Smith’s parenting. One particular article that I liked was one by Toya Sharee questioned the “Offness” of the Smith’s parenting.

Parenting Styles 101

For every letter in the alphabet, there is a parenting style! These are just some of the many and growing list of parenting styles. Then there is the traditional, conservative, liberal, Christian and now my idea of parenting – “Leave them the @#$% alone and let their soul lead the way!”

L.T.T.F.A. for short.

Back in the day of my child rearing, I was not aware of these ‘styles’. My primary concerns were to:

  1. Feed her healthily
  2. Clothe her age appropriately
  3. Educate her broadly, to the best of my ability and that money could give
  4. Teach her manners, respect, care and concern and encourage empathy in her
  5. Protect her without caging or clipping her wings

Then I left her the @#$% alone!

As I look around today and pay close attention to my granddaughter, who turned 11 months only a couple of days ago, I know these are the five essentials of any style of parenting.  The devil, however, lies in the details and that is where all hell breaks loose in some households, schools, on public transport, in clubs and on school buses even.

Image source: upscalehype.comUnruly children or untamed children (like Jaden Smith) are products of parenting. Unruly children missed out or are missing out on some of the five steps listed earlier.

Allowing your child to imagine and grow into their “Whoness” whether that manifests as writing philosophical treatises while dressed in a Batman outfit and exploring the outer boundaries of life is where the ‘heart’ of parenting resides.

So, how are you parenting or even being a grandparent? Would love to hear your views so please leave a comment.

Let us get more people in on this conversation; share with you friends – whatever kind of parents they are – and raise some more untamed children!


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