Motivational Monday: Women’s Empowerment, Humility & Grace

Post Father’s Day Reality

Back to the core issues – women matters – this Motivational Monday. Something tells me, however, that it might not all be peaches and cream after a great celebration of Father’s Day.

mandayOpened my alerts this morning to find a few stories debating whether women’s empowerment is such a great thing after all. My first reaction, just after reading the headlines, was dismay. “Here they go again, these men, trying to put women back in the kitchen,” I thought.

Did we give them too many props yesterday? Why are they on the attack again. Where was this coming from? These were some of the questions flooding my mind in rapid succession. “Pause, breathe and read the details,” was the quiet but commanding advice from the other voice in my head. (That is for another post)

So I did.

Girl Child Empowerment Killing Boy Child

The first article that I read claims that teaching girls empowerment is killing the boy child. What first struck me was that this article originated out of Africa. Interesting.

My relationship with the Continent has been a strained one that might be another post. For now, noting the source of the article, it was almost dismissed. Almost.

Persisting against the hard-line bra-burning diva in me, the one who has no time for the irrational, macho and controlling musings of ignorant men, I continued reading. This section made me stop in my tracks:

“Today, the message is that what a boy can do, a girl can do better. Instead of working on the inherent, God-given strengths in both, the current rhetoric sets them in competition against each other. As one writer puts it, parents today are too quick to swoop in. We don’t want our children to fall. So, instead of letting them experience life’s challenges, we clear the path. We’ve forgotten that adversity is part of life and is necessary to enable children build life-coping skills they will need later on in life.” 

Food for Thought

Helicopter parenting was taking another hit in this excerpt and quite frankly, one that is well deserved. Seems there is some common ground between Dr. Paul Bundi of The Nairobian and I after all.

Parenting styles is something we have discussed here and we have suggested that if you are a parent and this is your way of raising your child, you might want to reconsider it.

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What does this, however, have to do with “girl child empowerment” and how does it “kills the boy child?”

An answer did not come immediately so I moved on to the next article.

Empowered Women Should Be Taught Humility

Oh no, he did not!!

What an audacity! Worse yet, this writer/commentator had the nerve to assume “Nelson Mandela” as his pseudonym.

Again coming out of Kenya, this time in the UReport, another African gentleman (why am I being kind?) had the nerve to suggest that empowerment is a dirty matter.

Or did he?

“However when many women around the world embraced empowerment some have misconceived the ideal meaning of women empowerment. The tragedy is where after empowerment there has been a crop up of single mothers, divorcees and the famous ‘independent women’. Men are now on the verge of despair.”

“Men in despair?” I have heard this before and from North American and European “Men Liberation” groups.

As far as most of us can see, men are in no more despair than women. At least not as it relates to the control of the world’s financial system and resources and politics – all the things that make our world the way it is. What we have, however, is a real shift in man/woman dynamics with the rise of feminism and the new women’s empowerment efforts.

“Gender roles and relations are changing, thanks to that pesky thorn in every caveman’s side, feminism. Women’s liberation created a generation of “women who aren’t being women” anymore, so, understandably, men are less interested in marrying them, and pissed off about the lack of ‘real’ women.” Nicole Rodgers, The American Prospect

A Woman Shall Grace the $10

What does the face of a woman on the most exchanged currency in the world – the United Stated dollar – has to do with our empowerment and humility? Everything.

America has decided that it “needs a woman on its paper currency, and fast. And since the $10 note is the next one due for a design refresh, that’s the one she’ll be on,” reports The Quartz over the weekend.

Like, enamored, in love with America or not, you have to give it to her – she is the leader in gender equality issues. Although women still earn less than men even in the great USA and around the world, if this is to change one day, America will be at the forefront of that shift.

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Putting the face of a woman on any US bill is a big move for women’s, girls and in fact people empowerment everywhere. No, it does not bury the boy child, put men into deeper despair or despondency – at least not intentionally, nor does it mean women have necessarily lost their humility compass.

The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum

What it does mean, really what all of this means is that:

  1. Girls are taking their rightful place in society. If you are a Christian or simply a follower of Jesus’ teachings as I am, then that will mean to you – at the sides of men.
  2. Humility is a virtue that not just women would be advised to learn and practice but men. It would seem that the greater lesson here is for men, as for so long they have ‘ruled’ the world that it will take a great dollop of “H” to reach across and hold hands with the women coming to the line.
  3. The advancement and empowerment of girls and women do not equate to the death or despair of men. What we are witnessing is a closing of the circle, if we ALL exercise maturity, the bigness of heart and openness of Spirit.

Wherever in the world we live – Africa, America, India – this evolution cannot be escaped. The script is changing and no longer are we acting out roles written centuries ago but, with the help of technological advances and social media, we are in ‘real time’ developing new images on this IMAX screen we call Life.

Never has it been my way to force or push a particular culture on anyone, and that is not the intention here. However, to my friends in Kenya, well-meaning as they are in the articles mentioned earlier, times are changing and girl empowerment will only mean the death of the boy child if:

  1. Men commit psychology suicide
  2. Women fail to learn the lessons of past discrimination and prejudices.

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