Motivational Monday: It’s A New Day

June has begun and so too a new leg of the journey for me.

This journey is about you – all of you. As corny as that might sound, it is most sincere.

Many years ago, a friend questioned my desire to share my life’s journey. She wondered what qualified me to counsel others. The response to her was simple. Life.

There are many “coaches” around our world. Some are “celebrity coaches,” supporting celebrities and themselves are celebrities. Then there are others, like myself, who support you – the ‘ordinary’ ones who are doing extraordinary feats as they walk this journey.

My journey had brought me here – to a new blog site, new offerings and a new way to be in the world.

Formerly, this blog was hosted on under the name Daughters of Sheba. That blog remains available but with the help of an incredible team of web designers and graphic artists way across the world from me, this is my new home. The reason for the move is simple.

Life has brought me here – to you, my friends and Likers on Facebook, the growing number of Followers on Twitter, an increasing Circle on Google+ as well as on Pinterest.

Social media has opened the door for life’s daily coaches, practical spiritual counsellors and writers/bloggers like myself to be in touch and support a wider group of people.

It is my hope, that as you explore this new “Long Bench,” you will sit with me for awhile. This blog will continue to be published weekdays with the in-between and occasional posts on the weekends. There are several ways to stay in touch with me, in addition to subscribing to this blog.

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Sign up for my mailing list, newsletter or just send me an email and we will figure it out from there. Once you have joined the list, look out for message designed and directed to you. Right now, when you sign up for my Introductory newsletter – KB Life with Claudette – you will receive a downloadable and high-quality printable poster. It is my most popular on Facebook.

Please explore my new home, sit a while and have coffee with me. I so love you all!

Be blessed and continue to be a blessing, this and every day!



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    1. Ms Claudette

      Happy June to you too my dear! Namaste

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