In The News: One Sexist Scientist And Intel

Throwback Thursday and it feels as if Sir Tim Hunt wants to drag us kicking and screaming back into the dark ages!

Thankfully, the scientific community is not filled with men who think or feel like the Nobel laureate. Tim Hunt reportedly resigned from his place as honorary professor at a UK university yesterday, after his comments about “the trouble with girls in science.”

It Was A Joke

He was joking or so he now claims but, get this, he was being honest.

Well, here is an honest joke for you Tim Hunt – you need to learn self-control or grow up!

Tim HuntThis man of many achievements in science needs to see a shrink and learn boundaries as clearly that is his affliction. Working with women in science for years now, Hunt told a conference that women in labs “cry” when criticized and “fall in love” with male counterparts.

The University College of London kicked his uncontrollable butt out – sorry, this annoys me. Okay, they accepted his resignation. You can read the full story and come to your own conclusions now that you have read mine.

Tim, stick with the day job as comedy is not your thing!

Intelligent Move Intel

On to more intelligent news.

After supporting Emily Dixon’s position yesterday, on Apple and its new-found understanding of the pocketbook power of women, there is news again out of the tech industry.

“Intel Corporation, the Silicon Valley chip maker and tech giant, launched today the Intel Capital Diversity Fund, which over the next five years will invest $125 million in businesses led by women and underrepresented minorities.”

While cheer worthy and great news for those who will benefit, this is another giant of a corporation who has awoken to the fact of “girl power.” Being a person of colour myself – the double focus, women and underrepresented minorities is even more interesting.

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logo_intelThe report of this development on Fast Company, highlighted the fact that “the latest available data, just 1% of venture-backed startups are led by a black founder, while companies with a woman CEO receive 3% of VC dollars.” Venture Capital investors apparently has a challenge backing startups created, developed and managed by these two segments in the tech industry.

Tell me something we did not know! However, unlike the Apple story, this development immediately, publicly and directly puts the resources where it can do good.

Lisa Lambert, who will be overseeing this programme at Intel said, “The VC firms that are doing investments today come from a demographic group [in which] their networks look like them and reflect their values,” She continued, “That model works for them, so they keep repeating it. The problem is that the model doesn’t incorporate the broader society.”

Read more about this injection of funds into two sectors that well need it and how you might get access to these funds if you fall in either or both target groups.

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