In The News: Money, Marathon and Mindfulness

Age is but a number or so the saying goes.

If you are like me and have arrived at the ripe “old age” of 50, it will cross your mind if this is it? Is the end of this ride just around the corner?

marathonHarriette Thompson, the 92-year old who completed the San Diego Marathon, setting a new record, is drumming a resounding “No!” It is much, way much more to do, see and be.

Life has much, way much more to do, see and be – even with a diagnosis of cancer or some other life-limiting illness. Belated congratulations to Harriette; you are truly an inspiration.

Women and Money

Money is also in the news, particularly investments funds and women. We will have a closer look at that, however, not from the business perspective but where exactly are we as a society about money and women. Are there still barriers for women entering the world of finances, despite our growing earning and consumption rates? As well, are we as women mindful money managers? Subscribe to this and other conversations coming up later this morning.


Speaking of mindfulness, whether about managing money, running a marathon or simply to making the best of life, quietening the party going on in your head is key.

Personally not one to sit and chant “Om” for 20 minutes every day, my mindfulness practice is in my every step, decision, and conversation. Music and guided meditation YouTube videos have been my essential tools until I heard, then read about Buddhify on BlogsRelease. It is no lie when the developers of this “app” says:

“buddhify is the most convenient, best value and most beautiful meditation app available today. Helping people around the world reduce stress, sleep better and be present in the midst of it all.”

budhnewWhether at my kitchen table working on this blog or doing the dishes, Buddhify is in the background. It has become a constant companion. “Already a popular and award-winning used around the world, buddhify has just been relaunched with all the new content made from direct suggestions from our users. With no hidden costs, users get over 11 hours of content for just one single price, making it not only beautiful to use, but amazingly good value.”

So I am late to discovering it but you do not have to be. It is fairly inexpensive – dear money managers – and you will get every penny back in calmness, great sleep and higher productivity.

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Check it out and post a comment here about your experience. Do also share Buddhify and this blog with your friends who needs some help with money management, meditation or inspiration to run a marathon.


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