In The News: Menstruation, Money And Motivation

Menstruation is Death???

Some days you just want to scream, “WTF” when you read or hear news reports of things supposedly educated people say, especially men.

The ‘WTF’ moment came today reading highlights of an interview with one Rabbi Daniel Lapin. Apparently, the godly gentleman is not only an expert on things religious but on women’s period.

Reacting to concerns of another ‘WTF-er’, Glenn Beck, about the mixing of sex images with those of death, Lapin linked this to women’s period!


question-mark-738815_640According to Lapin, menstruation represents death and that is why women are emotional when we get our period. Unable to stop himself there, Lapin continued that this is “why God prohibited anyone from touching a woman for seven days during her monthly period in Leviticus 15…”

Rabbi has no problem with sex as it “represents life” that springs from men you might conclude based on the following doozy from his lips:

“The good Lord created men with an infinite capacity to produce seed at almost any age whereas he chose to create women with an absolute finite limited number of eggs. And so the loss of an egg every month, for any sensitive woman, is sad because it’s one less opportunity for life. And so foolish and insensitive people say, ‘Oh, it’s just a hormonal imbalance,’ it isn’t; it’s a genuine, authentic sadness which suffuses any sensitive woman at the loss of an egg.”

Not one for labelling people, it is hard to resist this one. Glenn Beck, “The Other Nutcase,” is reported to have been “blown away by this revelation.” His response?

“Wow, I’ve never thought of it that way,” he said. “It is actually a God-given sadness.”

You can read more, if you are into nutcase, on the Free Thought Blog.


failWomen Getting ‘F’ On Financial Literacy

As our pocketbook power increases, it seems women are still failing the financial literacy test.

This according to The Wall Street Journal but the ‘good news’ is that men are not doing that much better!

Reporting on the findings of two recent studies published by the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center, Simon Constable of The Journal, wrote:

“Both young and old women show low levels of financial literacy,” according to a report the center published in December. “Even women in favorable economic conditions are less financially knowledgeable than men,” says the report, titled “How Financially Literate Are Women?”

To be truthful, I would fail as well, especially with this being one of the questions:

“Suppose you had $100 in a savings account and the interest rate was 2% per year. After five years, how much do you think you would have in the account if you left the money to grow? More than $102; Exactly $102; Less than $102; Do not know; Refuse to answer.”

Well, what did they expect having drummed it in our heads for centuries that “women suck at Mathematics?”

Read the full article and check into a remedial class asap to improve your financial knowledge grades. Please do not ask me – as my ‘paper’ received a “U” – Un-gradable!

All Season Motivation

stones-451329_1280Monday Motivation is one of my favourite days as a blogger and social media aficionada.  As early as 4:00 in the morning, my notifications and alerts starting pinging on all my gadgets and most of them brings me motivational material.

Whatever else is going on in my life, for at least two years now my primary mood is optimistic. Whether my circumstance seem favourable or dim to others really matters very little to me.

This came only after many years of undiagnosed depression, low self-esteem while pretending confidence and basically, self-hate.

“In all things give thanks.”

“Pray without ceasing”

These are two biblical passages that see me through any storm and any sunshine.

“Hello, why would you need motivating during the sunshine, the good times?” You ask.

See, that is where we often go off kilt, thinking that getting motivated is a bad weather cure, affirmations we use only when the times are rough. That is the conversation  later today so join in by subscribing and receive an update of that and other posts right in your inbox.

Until then, have a great Motivational Monday! Be the reason for someone’s smile.


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