In The News: Life Lessons from China and Canada

Attitude is Everything

That saying, “attitude is everything,” is often misunderstood, maybe just as the word “humility” is.

Life lessons from Chinese rural schools brought this to mind. Looking at the pictures on the Global Times about the conditions that many school children in rural China try to learn in almost broke my heart. Then, as the details of the determination and humility of their teachers opened up, it became clear that attitude really is everything.


Take Li Shangrong . He is a teacher and principal of a primary school in Chengxian county. What is interesting is that he is physically d, requiring a crutch after “a childhood disease left him with a paralyzed right leg. Despite his handicap, Li has been teaching for 32 years.”

The report says that Li “has fallen from his classroom’s podium many times, but he insists on standing during lectures.”

“My greatest wish is to see my students leave this small village and become someone worthwhile.” Li Shangrong

Read more about these heroes in China’s rural schools and share your thoughts and experiences of your local heroes, who stand above fear and are leading our children into freedom.

Lessons Learned on a Two-Wheeler

resilientmichael_1346183137_27Michael H. Ballard, a Contributor to this blog will share another of his stories of resilience. Fear often disguises itself and appears in our lives to teach valuable life lessons.

The option is yours how you will learn in this schoolroom. Whether you repeat Grade 3 up until your 40th birthday or get it the first time around is up to you. Michael got his lesson on fear appearing as pain, after a tumble from a two-wheeler.

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