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Welcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015

Admittedly, football is the only sport that I would consider spending hours watching. Female football, however, has not been high on the agenda – even with some of the FIFA World Cup 2015 being hosted here in Edmonton, Alberta. The essential message of the event, however, has not missed me.

There was some controversy between my hometown and Toronto over this. Apparently, Torontonians were not too happy that we got the opening of the competition. Too bad, too sad as they say.

The West got the honour to welcome and celebrate the women football players.  Edmonton with the opening and Vancouver with the closing. The excitement and hospitality of Edmontonians were on full display on Saturday as I drove by the Commonwealth Stadium. Vancouver will do Western Canada and Canada, in general, proud when their turn comes.

We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

“Women’s soccer in Canada has come a long way since Ms. Christian’s youth in the 1980’s. In 2014, a total of 277,064 girls under 18 years were registered with Soccer Canada, compared with 393,285 boys. A survey of 2,371 families last year found soccer was the third most popular activity for girls aged 3-17.”

This from the Globe and Mail a few days ago. Undoubtedly, women’s football will continue to rise in popularity  and more girls will be interested to take part – particularly those watching the events live here in Edmonton and later in Vancouver, British Columbia.

All the best to the women playing! Whether Canada wins matters not, what is important is that our girls, and I am thinking of my granddaughter here, sees the possibilities open to them.

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Speaking of Girls

Later this morning, my next post will be about girls and an organization that is working hard to move and encourage as many as possible into a better life.

Contributor, Michael H. Ballard, yesterday wrote about attitude and how a positive one will serve us in any situation. His focus was on pain and the lessons you can learn from it.

2015_FIFA_Women's_World_Cup_logo.svgToo many girls around our world and right next door to us are living in pain and poverty. Events such as the FIFA Women’s Football might not be broadcast or available to girls who are in most need of encouragement. So, it will be up to us to teach and uplift them – one by one.

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Photo source: The Globe and Mail


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