In The News: Fatherhood Is Getting A Makeover

Father’s Day 2015

Father’s Day is three ‘sleeps’ away and the excitement is mounting as fatherhood is getting a makeover.

liaandjamesMaybe the birth of my granddaughter almost a year ago (Canada Day) has mellowed my heart about Father’s Day. Watching Kitten with her Dad, his involvement in her life, his tenderness towards her and his ferocious protection of her open a new vista for me.

Growing up fatherless, my understanding of having a daddy was skewed.

On the ‘mentionable’ side – a father was the man who I longed for, just to walk with me to school when I was a kid and afraid of the school yard bully. A Dad who would drive me to my high school prom and wait until it was over to drive me back home.

Instead, I got the other type of daddy. Many of them. That will be in part my post later this morning. So be sure to Subscribe to receive an update when that is posted.

Fatherhood Makeover

The makeover of fatherhood is such a wonderful thing! Men are getting in touch with their feminine side, the mother in them without feeling gay – and that is absolutely delightful.

Less hesitant to openly express their love and joy for their women and the children they make together, fatherhood is becoming really sexy!

Have ou seen the Dove commercial yet? Have a look and tell me what you think.

Read the background story here and according to the report, “the campaign’s message is that caring from the beginning is a sign of a man’s real strength.”

Father’s Day 2015

surfingwithdadSo how will you be celebrating or remembering your Father this Sunday? What plans do you and your children have to show the man, who is not only the father but Dad, that you all truly love and appreciate him?

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Kit Yarrow in Money, wrote a very interesting and enlightening article on how fatherhood has transformed since Father’s Day 1975. Have a read and tell me you do not agree with this:

“Though fathers have surely always loved their kids, previous generations of dads have been boxed into relatively unemotional, more stoic roles like breadwinner or disciplinarian….But it doesn’t have to be this way. Fatherhood has been on a trajectory toward greater intimacy, emotional engagement and fun for decades. The problem is that Father’s Day has not caught up.” Read full article

Yarrow suggests four ways to celebrate Father’s Day 2015 differently, more in line with the shift that we are witnessing in men and fathers. You might want to consider them, if you have not already, and make this Father’s Day celebration more endearing, may I say?

This Father’s Day:

  1. Pamper your Dad and/or the man in your life who is Dad to your children.
  2. Buy him gifts that will engage him and that you can enjoy together
  3. Do activities together – ones that he likes and not haul him shopping if that is not his favourite thing
  4. If you can afford it, give him a gift from one of the “manly” brands. Yarrow mentions a subscription to Netflix, something from Niki or Levi’s. On that list, for my son-in-law would be a subscription to Sirius XM

Whatever you do, have a great Throwback Thursday as you think about ways to make this Father’s Day a special one. Please share your experience with me and do Subscribe to receive updates of our Father’s Day and more right to your inbox. Join me later for my story on Being Fatherless.

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