In The News: Education For Girls And Defense Of Tim Hunt

Misogyny Is Real: Tim Hunt Revisited

Tim Hunt’s comment about “the problem with girls in labs” was sexist. It was also misplaced, demeaning and discouraging – whether he intended it as a joke.

Someone told me years ago to pay particular attention to what a person says when they are drunk or joking. The truth of their feelings always, uncontrollably, shine through.

Clearly, Tim Hunt was not inebriated when he made the joke – I think – but his joke opened a window to his soul. He has worked alongside women for decades and “he has actively championed women for appointments and promotions and offered support where he could,” as his friend Athene Donald, professor of physics at the University of Cambridge, wrote in an article published in the Time online magazine.

Yet, this slip of the lips was a game changer.

Tim HuntMisogyny is on the rise, surprisingly as after all we are in the 21st century, no? Comments such as these by “good men,” men who are at the forefront of industry, science, technology, politics – whatever field – perpetuate the problem and does not open the doors for solutions.

Unfortunately, Hunt engaged his mouth before his well-educated brain kicked in and it was heard, recorded and now Googled. The rest is history.

While it is my hope that this is not the end of his illustrious career, may Hunt use this non-scientific, real-life experience as a lesson and teaching tool for his brethren – and all the other entities called out in Donald’s article – to end misogyny.

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Invest In Women

twitter-logo_22Another high-profile organisation, ‘controlled’ by a man, retweeted a tweet – you have to be on Twitter to get that – and made headlines for an issue that I have been singing daily in the short time of relocating this blog here.

That is fine as it matters not who gets the credit. All that matters is that resources, energy, and money are invested in women all over the world.

Yesterday, The Gates Foundation retweeted Global Citizens’ statement on increasing women’s access to investment capital. Check out the full article but this tweet directly relates to what Contributor, Clara Brown, writes on later today:

“YES: Women’s economic empowerment is at the heart of solving the challenges to sustainable development.”

Education is crucial to all and we have seen that improving the financial literacy is an urgent need for women not just in developed countries but around the world. The Global Citizen, in raising awareness about the challenges caused by poverty and inequality in our world, is currently highlighting The Girl Up Initiative Uganda (GUIU), which was established in recognition of “the importance of providing investment capital to women in low-income, marginalized communities, as a club ….that helps young mothers to put their money together, save, and invest in their respective businesses.”

You can read more on the initiative here and lend a hand however you can.

Education For Girls Is Not Problematic

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1930's womanAlexis Ali, the newest Contributor, will make her début with the first installment of a short story series – “The Unfortunate Life of an Interesting Woman.” This story chronicles the romantic life of Ginny, a 20+year-old educated woman in the late 1930’s who is decidedly determined not to marry for the “usual reasons.”

Not sure that Alexis knows how this story will eventually unfold!

Join me on the edge this afternoon for Part One of this seven-part series.

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