In The News: Child Labour, Picnics and Giving

NO To Child Labour

TGIF and it is a special one. Today is World Day Against Child Labour and this year’s theme is: “NO To Child Labour – YES To Quality Education!”

Since 2002, the International Labour Organization (ILO) launched the World Day Against Child Labour “to focus attention on the global extent of child labour and the action and efforts needed to eliminate it.” The ILO’s website states:

Around the world, large numbers of children are engaged in paid or unpaid domestic work in the home of a third party or employer. These children can be particularly vulnerable to exploitation. Their work is often hidden from the public eye, they may be isolated, and they may be working far away from their family home. Stories of the abuse of children in domestic work are all too common.

childlabourChild labour is raising its ugly head in the world and some of the ‘usual suspects’ are major culprits. CNN reported that a risk analysis firm, Maplecroft, in 2014 ranked 197 countries and “Eritrea, Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Zimbabwe and Yemen” were the 10 places where child labor is most prevalent.

Poverty at its extreme forces families to put their children out to work to help supplement the income. In some places, the children are the ‘breadwinners’. The question is, what excuse does countries like China, India, Russia and Brazil have for being on this list?

This year, the ILO invites you to Speak Up to push these governments to:

  • Provide free, compulsory and quality education for all children at least to the minimum age for admission to employment and action to reach those presently in child labour;
  • Make renewed efforts to ensure that national policies on child labour and education are consistent and effective;
  • Implement policies that ensure access to quality education and investment in the teaching profession.

Canadians are already protesting and appealing to the government for more “supply chain transparency legislation to empower them to make informed choices about what they buy.” Read more about the concerns of Canadian consumers about child labour and get some ideas for actions you might take – one community at a time.

Picnic Season Is Almost Here

picnicEvery season has its special feature, activities and food!

Summer means beaches, parks, lakes and picnics. Camping is not high on my agenda but a day in the park with a loaded basket of food is. What better day to do that than on Canada Day (July 1) or Independence Day (July 2)?

What are your plans for the season and what goodies will adorn your picnic table on Canada or Independence Day this year? Share your ideas, recipes and pictures with me. Email, comment here or tweet them to me with hashtag: #Picnic2015.

Give Blood

Remember to go out and donate blood this weekend!  If you “give blood with the Red Cross from Monday, June 8, through World Blood Donor Day, on Sunday, June 14, will receive a supply of this limited-edition Nexcare Give bandages, while supplies last.”

Sign up to receive the free Nexcare Give Bandages. Share your story of donating blood with me until Sunday June 14, 2015.

Yes, TGIF, enjoy the rest of the day and click here to receive updates of new articles and posts here. Have you signed up for KB Life yet? Wait no longer – do it today!



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4 thoughts on “In The News: Child Labour, Picnics and Giving

  1. menopausalmother

    So sad to hear what is happening to the children. I cannot even imagine sending a young child to work in a factory. That breaks my heart.

    1. Ms Claudette

      It is indeed sad. I recall when we migrated to Canada and my daughter wanted to get a weekend job. She was only 15 or something and I protested as my belief is that that is still too young to be working! It just was and is not something I have wrapped my head around even after almost 15 years here. Imagine those children who cannot get an education as they have to work to support the family – or some other sick reason?

  2. dltolley

    The exploitation of children is always my number one bugaboo. Thank you for raising awareness!

    1. Ms Claudette

      My honour! I am impressed by our fellow Canadians vigilance on this matter. Take a bow. Namaste

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