In The News: Apple And Scammers

At a recent conference, a multi-billion dollar company, “the largest and most profitable tech company on Earth,” Apple, paraded two women on stage. Just about everyone who follows this type of news was applauding the giant corporation for its diversity.

Except One.

Emily Peck of the Huffington Post. “People need to chill about Apple’s big move. While it’s good news that the company finally broke its white male streak, this is just a beginning.”

She is absolutely right.

Let me say upfront that Apple is nowhere in my working space – never have and doubt it every will be. The other guys take care of me – Microsoft. No money has exchanged hands for my endorsement.

Reading the article earlier, the question that kept nagging at me was why? Why did Apple choose this moment, this platform to finally acknowledge that there are women working at the most crucial levels of its organisation?

“This marked the first time since at least 2007 that women employees of the company have been seen onstage at the event.” USA Today

Women Spending Power

Are Emily and I being cynical of an effort by the Apple to embrace its feminine side? Some might argue that we are. They might even call us bitter feminists. That, however, would be far from the truth. We are merely smart women who refuse to have the wool pulled over our eyes.

bbp2What is really happening here, I suspect, is that after being criticised for its failure to include a menstruation tracker in its HealthKit app, the marketing and other gurus at Apple has finally woken up to the fact of the pocketbook power of women in the United States.

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“Women are using their rapidly increasing spending power to impel changes in the way companies operate,” Times magazine broadcasted in an article on the PBP that women have wielded.

“The Sheconomy” is growing and Apple is taking notice.

Happy are we for this as it means more US women might now be able to take their well-deserved place. This is the second industry that has recently come up for scrutiny here for keeping women in the backrooms.

More Scams

Speaking of hoodwinked, later today the featured post will discuss another ‘industry’ if we may call it that, that has long recognised the spending power of women. Unfortunately so.

For years, scams of all sorts – online dating scams, phone scams, fake business scams, etc have made news headlines. Nonetheless, the scamming business is thriving and has become a real growth industry in many parts of the world.

Special units of police officers have been created in several countries to investigate scammers and the fraudulent schemes they have lived large off. Join me later for three tips to avoid being the next or a repeat target of scammers.

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