In Our News – Unruly and Untamed Children

One item of news caught my attention yesterday. Now, those who know me well might be surprised that watching or reading the news has seemingly been restored on my agenda.

Being very particular what feeds my mind, two news stories were on the menu for two very different reasons but both related to children, discipline and parenting. Stale though one may be, it lends credence to yesterday’s ‘breaking-news’ here in my hometown of Edmonton, Alberta.

Let us briefly look at that one first.

Unruly Children

A video surfaced of a school bus driver apparently unceremoniously throwing a child from his vehicle. Social media has given us all a platform to air every dirty or not-so-dirty laundry we have. The alleged victims in this incident used their right to free speech and published their side of the story. Watch:

Mindful of its responsibility to protect the children in its care, the Edmonton Catholic School Board demanded that the bus driver be fired. Hold up!!!

Later, more posts to social media painted a different picture – one of the unruly children, with anger management issues and a budding tendency towards violence. This led to the School Board rescinding its demand.

We all want to protect our children, however, we must also want to PARENT our children.

New Age Children

This is an issue written about daily and one that will not be regurgitated here today. Instead, later this morning, an example of a seeming untamed child will be discussed. Jaden Smith was recently in the news. He is becoming more and more the poster child for “weirdness” for some. Those like me, however, see him as a model for free range parenting, New Age children and a child with a soul and mind of his own that he is not afraid to embrace and express.

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2 thoughts on “In Our News – Unruly and Untamed Children

  1. That quote says it all in my opinion. While I don’t think the bus driver was in any way right I also think that parents have a responsibility to make sure their children behave.

    1. Ms Claudette

      Indeed, we do. As a new grandmother, this is something I will try my best to reinforce, courteous and loving behaviour. As for the bus driver, yes, maybe there was another way to handle the situation…no buts from me. The issue here is the call to fire him without investigating the situation properly. I maintain, and it is not a popular position – parenting class should be mandatory at the hospital before you leave with your baby! LOL. Thanks for the comment, Rena! Much Love!

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