3 Delicious Food News You Should Know

Another beautiful Saturday and top of the list to do is grocery shopping.

Before you head out today, here are three delicious bits of food news that might enhance your shopping experience. When you do go grocery shopping, don’t forget to take your American Express blue cash card with you to pay! If you forget it, you might miss out on some pretty good rewards…

Wasting Food

Years ago, I was shocked to learn that grocery stores and restaurants in North America and Europe could not legally feed the hungry by putting its food waste out for them to use.

How mean is that?

Seems the kindness angel has touched the hearts of legislators in several countries, including France where a law was recently passed to “make it illegal for supermarkets to throw away food that is still edible.”

According to a report in The Washington Post, France is set to lead the way again by reducing food waste starting 2016. “France is making it illegal for supermarkets to throw away any food that is considered edible. The European country’s parliament voted unanimously for the new law, which will force grocers to either donate the food to charity or make sure that it is used as animal feed.” Fines of up to $82,000 for failing to comply will be imposed on supermarkets.

Food waste is not unique to France, but it is one of the most forward thinking countries and most serious in “putting feet” to the European Union’s pledge to cut food waste by 50% come 2025.

More food, it is reported, is thrown out “each year than is needed to feed every hungry mouth around the world.” The Washington Post article pointed to the United States as “the most flagrant example, [where] some $160 billion in food never gets eaten each year. America, as it happens, throws out more food than plastic, paper, metal and glass.”

supermarketHere in Canada, in 2014 a consulting firm, Value Chain Management International, reported that “more than $31 billion worth of food is wasted every year in Canada and when energy, water and other resource costs are factored in the true cost could be up to three times that much.”

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While grocery stores, restaurants and public institutions such as prisons, schools, hospitals, government operated cafeterias, etc add to the total food waste volume, each of us do as well:

“Individuals waste some $14.6 billion worth of food every year, about 47 per cent of the total. This mainly consists of food items that Canadians buy with the intention of using in their homes, but never do, so it ends up eventually in a landfill or composted.” (Source: CBC)

Read more of this report and as you head out to do your grocery shopping ask yourself – “Am I part of the problem or the solution?” Share your answer and what you have done or will do to curb the food waste coming from your household.

Breakfast – The Most Important Meal

Do you believe that? What is your breakfast eating habit?

If you are a morning person as I am, the first thing – or two – to my mouth is coffee. A couple of hours later, breakfast will be whatever tickles the fancy. This morning for instances, it was a packet of oats porridge topped up with raisins.

breakfastA report in Women’s Health magazine says that is not good enough. Speaking with Registered Dietician Krista Yoder, the author of the article on The Biggest Breakfast Mistakes quoted her as saying: “No matter what meal it is, your plate should be half fruits and vegetables, a quarter whole grain, and a quarter protein.”

My breakfast this and most mornings according to this advice is lacking in protein. How about yours?

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It is not necessary to have an egg and steak to get enough protein, well not every morning. “It could be eggs and cheese with fruit on the side,” says Yoder Latortue.

Go over your grocery shopping list and make sure that you have enough eggs, milk, cheese, yoghurt or, if you are more into a plant-based diet stock up on beans, nuts and seeds. Here is an online checklist to help you plan. Be sure to tell me how the protein shopping went and whether you had a surge of energy to last you through the days this week.

Summer Food

Summer means picnic, cool food and gadgets to make both easier and tastier.

Have you started planning your Canada Day (July 1) or Independence Day (July 4) celebrations yet? Remember, I would love to see your pictures and ideas to make this summer picnics way more delicious than last years, so do share.

bakingHere are 15 Cool Food Products To Make Summer More Fun this year. Bet you cannot tell which is mine?

That is it for today’s In The News. Enjoy your Saturday, your grocery shopping, your breakfast and whichever cool food product you choose.

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